Can't create max Volume size for a NW3.12 server (40gb hd) ?

I have a NW3.12 server w/ a 18gb harddrive.  It has 4 volumes and running out of space so we now have a 40gb ide second hd.  Its not fully recognized in Disk options, it comes up as a 32gb hd.  We creat a volume for it and recieve an error saying "Error allocating memory for FAT Table".  When we creat a 2gb volume it seems to create it no problem.  What is the solution to use the full 40gb as one or max two volumes?

fyi: p133 24mb ram
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Check your memory for the server for that large a disk system your gonna need at least 512 meg with a newer bios that can support the larger disks ok.

I would also check the specs for netware 3.x I thought that they could only go up to 32 gig for max volume size too.

Does the bios of the machine see the whole drive? You might need to flash it.
Are you replacing the old drive or adding the new one to it for a total of 58gig's?
Go and buy more memory for starters.

You are woesfully short on memory.

if you dont have the calculation sheets that came with netware.

To be quite frank, I dont know how you were running 18 Gb on that memory, let alone 32Gb.
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Zombite are right, buy more memmory to the server!
kalebAuthor Commented:
i will up the ram to 128mb and see if that does the trick.

i know that the ram was low but the client did wanted to cheap out - so to speak.  creep by with what they have for another year.

thanks i'll let you know if it works
As zombite I wonder how you can have only 24 MB of memory and 18GB HD.
Usually 3.12 ask for roughly 8MB of RAM for each 1GB of HD.
I agree upon the memory thing but I've also got another tip for you.
Why don't you create a volume of 2 Gb and after that resize it with a tool like Ghost for Netware. You can get an evaluation version at
Maybe a long shot, but give it a try.
Memory will not keep you from creating the partition or volume, it will however keep you from mounting the volume (if there is alot of data on it).

I bet you are having a BIOS problem.

Any success with this ?
kalebAuthor Commented:
Answer accepted
kalebAuthor Commented:
thanx for the help
sorry for the delay in response
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