IE5 Not Show FP2K Edit Option

I have IE5, recently upgraded to 5.01, and Netscape 4.7, and MS Front Page 2000, all on a new Dell Optiplex with w98. When I am in IE5 and click the Edit button on the Standard Buttons Bar, the dropdown gives me a choice of only Notepad or Netscape Composer, not Front Page which is what I want.  
I tried Control Panel, Internet, to select FP as the HTML editor, but there it does not show FP as an available choice either.  I even reinstalled FP, hoping that would override some conflict, but no luck.
Temporarily, to edit a web page in FP, I first open FP then bring the file in, but it would be preferable to be able to hit the Edit button while in FP.
How can I make the FP2K Edit option operate in IE5 like it does on other computers I use?

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RMauchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tools menu, options, general tab: select check-if-frontpage-is-the-default-editor-for-pages
Did you try it before upgrading to 5.01? Here at work we've had 5.01 do some weird things at times, whereas 5.0 seems to be rock solid.
jajrAuthor Commented:
It seemed OK at 5.0 but not at 5.01, yet on another machine the upgrade had no adverse affect.  Going back is not  the answer at this point.
OK, but I would say doing some type of re-install of IE is about the only option left at this point. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
jajrAuthor Commented:
Can't say if this would have worked or not, because Microsoft Support came up with a standard fix that was quite comprehensive, involving a whole different approach. Apparently others have faced the problem. Since that worked, I can't replicate the problem.

However, the answer suggested is worthy of acceptance, and I thank you!
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