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Freeze, Freezing, Frostbite & Disk Problems

I believe I have a severe problem that may require me to erase and reinitialize my hard drive - any help to the contrary would be greatly appreciated. Recently, my Mac has been freezing frequently. I have run Norton Utilities and received this "diagnosis":A problem was found in the disk's directory. NDD cannot repair. A part of the disk's extents tree node  #6 was found to contain  some invalid information (invalid extent description). I then tried to reboot using my CD as the start-up disk but it continually froze during start-up. After repeated attempts to reboot the system kept freezing during startup. I turned it off for the day and restarted it successfully in the morning. I ran disk first aid and got the following info: Problem:  Invalid PEOF, 19894, 1165
Rechecking catalog file
Test done. Problems were found, but Disk First Aid cannot repair them. The only thing I can think to do is erase and reinitialize. It works fine sometimes but freezes left and right at other times - I've had a few system errors with a couple of applications and have reinstalled my  system software etc. but the problems persists as I have stated. I have a Performa 6115CD PowerPC with System 7.5.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Your HD is having some serious issues. I had similar issues with a seagate drive that was going through death throes. With my experience a reformat didnt fix it and i tried darn near everything on it. I had to replace the drive and immediately the problems went away. Its not surprising that its starting to die on you considering the age of the 6115. I would back up all your information onto zips and go ahead, reformat, BEFORE it dies completely and you dont have the chance to back up at all. If it doesnt work after a reformat its certifiably toast and youll have to replace it.
This sounds a bit weird possible a virus. There was a virus called the autostart worm and did cause freezing and hanging within programs. First Aid and Norton Disk Doctor won't fix it. Go to the Macfixit site and download the anti-virus and try running this. Weed suggests replacing the hard drive this would fix it because the virus would disappear with the drive.
Theres a sure fire way to tell if its Autostart or not. Open your Quicktime control panel. Is "Autoplay" checked? If no then its not autostart, If yes then its POSSIBLY autostart.
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