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Previously I was able to go to Windows Explorer (Win 98), highlight several jpg files at once, hit enter, and they would all automatically open in Photo Editor (OfficePro97). Since I installed a few updates (Netscape 4.7, IE4, VisualAge for Java) this "auto open" behavior has stopped. Now when I do this, Photo Editor opens but none of the jpg's open. I am processing over 6000 photos so I need to do more than just open them one at a time from Photo Editors file menu. Any suggestions on how to restore the "auto open" behavior for my jpg's?? I believe this same thing happened on another machine after installing IE4, but not positive. I have tried file associations, but they are identical to another machine on which the files open automatically. I suspect a registry entry somewhere got changed by IE4??
Thanks!! -- GAS
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tonnybrandtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reinstall Photo Editor. This should restore the settings you had, prior to your installation of netscape etc.
Normally, you can go to "my computer" and then click on "view" and the "file types" find the specified extension in this case "*.jpg" and click the edit button. Then where the command says "open with" just replace it with the program you wish to use.
VITIXAuthor Commented:
Cant accept this answer. I have already done this, compared it to another machine that works fine, the entries are completely identical......yet the one machine won't open the files automatically. I indicated this in the original question. thanks anyway... GAS
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check under the .jpg entry in file types to see if the dde entries are the same for the two machines. I think there is an option in Photo Editor to set the file associations, you could see if that helps. Or just reinstalling Photo Editor may make it right

1. Run Explorer and select a file with the extension you want to reassociate.
2. Hold down Shift & Right click the selection.
3. Select "Open With".
4. Select the program to open the file type.
5. In the dialog box check "Always use this program to open this file."
6. Click OK
go to file types dialog, remove jpg from list.
then from explorer, double-click a jpg-file and choose your application.
From now on it should work.
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hope it helps
Go into file types, and delete the .jpg type.
Then go to explorer and double-click any .jpg file and an "open with" dialog will appear. Pick a viewer or an editor and check the box to make it the default application always.

If you occasionally view this file type with other apps, then go back to file types and edit the .jpg type. Click "new" to create a new association and name it appropiately. Then choose the application using browse. To use this function right-click on a file in explorer and it will be there in the list after "open".

e.g. On my system my JPEG's and GIF's open by default in Internet Explorer. But I also have an entry named "Edit with PaintShop", which I don't use all the time.

you are repeating my comment as a answer ...

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On another note: Does anyone know how  Experts-Exchange logs the times? I have noticed some irregularities. Does it take the time from the machine sent the message is sent from(obviously daft), or when the server receives it??

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VITIXAuthor Commented:
RE: swwelsh-- your answer is the same as the one I rejected. Obviously you are talking off the top of your head, since Photo Editor does NOT have any options for setting file associtaions. This is, I believe, a Registry problem. Someone told me several weeks ago how to restore the Windows Explorer "Preview" function, maybe that same person can tell me how to restore automatic jpg opening for Photo Editor.
RE: israely, pacman, ajmcqarry: I have tried the suggestions about shift - right click and resetting "open with", tried deleting the file associations and rebuilding them, etc.....none of that worked. I am back with the same problem I started with.
RE: tonnybrandt:  I absolutely hate this suggestion, but I admit I may have to try this as  last resort. The big obstacle here is that Office Pro 97 will not allow me to reinstall just one application. It wants me to either reinstall the entire previous installation or redo the whole installation from scratch, neither of which I am willing to do at this point. Again I believe there is a Registry fix for this problem, its just a matter of finding someone who knows enough abotu the Registry to tell me what to change.
RE: red117:  I will try the program you mention, if it works, alrighty then. If not, I will have to resort to reinstalling Officepro. If that doesn't work, adn i cannot find a Registry expert, then I will repair my installation of Windows 98. I am afraid, however, that i will have to accept tonnybrandts reply as an answer since this is as close as I  am going to get to the "right" solution by posting the question on this site. I will try to post it on the "AllExperts" site. That's where I got the registry answers in the past. Thanks to all of you for trying to help me! -- Gary
VITIXAuthor Commented:
What I really need is a Registry edit to answer this question, but reinstall of Office Pro will be my last resort solution. Nice try, but average level answer. Thanks for trying to help. -- gary
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