Boot Linux and Win98

I have windows 98 installed on one drive and Linux installed on another, I recently had to reinstall Windows and i lost the lilo boot manager. Is there anyway to make the Win98 boot manager boot linux? without reinstalling Linux.
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hari_kpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which Llinux are u using? If it is redhat or any other. boot from the Linux CDROM and just go through the installatoin process once again. When it comes to setting up LILO, make your choice and move to the next screen or screens and restart, this will give you the LILO back, but only with Linux and without windows. You will not be able to boot into windows first, the choice will not appear, but in Linux, type linuxconf and modify the settings. And you have win98 and Linux lilo manager.

BTW, as far as the second installation process goes, try and set them the same way as the first time, as far as you can remember.

Have a Happy time, And Best of LUCK.
Win98 doesn't really have a boot manager - it just assumes that 98 is the first primary partition that is bootable. The best way to get dual boot back is to start linux from a boot disk (I hope you made one) and then run lilo to reinstall the boot loader. You can also use the loadlin program (probably included with you linux distribution) to boot linux from a windows icon.
I agree with swwelsh..... Use a linux boot disk to get you going....
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try using a program like system commander.....
I too ahd experienced that. As already stated, I ran the linux installation from bootdisk and installed lilo again.
ups !
It should have been
I too had experienced that. As already stated, I ran the linux installation from bootdisk and installed lilo again
hari kp, you should not lock out a question unless you are sure you have the correct answer. MICS stated in the question that he did not want to reinstall linux, and in this situation it is not necessary - all that is wrong is that windows wiped lilo from the bootsector. When you lock a question, lots of experts stop looking at it, and the user is likely to get little response to his/her question.
Boot from your installation CD, Select upgrade but do not ugrade anything and then the installation will ask you about your boot configuration and run lilo with your selected config.
yes mics i have the solution for this
and that what i was using before but note i tried this only with RedHat Linux v6.0 and i don't know if it will work with other linux versions anyway do this

1-Create a directory for Linux on C:, for example C:\LinuxBoot

2-from the LinuxCD copy this files into your C:\LinuxBoot directory

3-Make a new batch file in your C: for example Linux.Bat and set it to run in MS-DOS mode only.

4-Type this in the file:
  Loadlin [LinuxDrive]:\LinuxKernelFile root=/dev/LinuxBootPartition ro
  LinuxDrive is the drive on which linux is installed.
  LinuxKernelFile is mainly zImage or vmlinuz
  LinuxBootPartition is the linux boot directory as C:\Windows for windows.
 for your case do this
  Loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/hdc2 ro

5- if you get troubles with "ro" remove it.

Finally running the batch file will boot linux.
Sorry but for Step3 the Linux.Bat file is created in your C:\LinuxBoot folder
Hello, I am not telling him to reinstall linux. I am asking him to go over the lilo install part and after a few steps restart. He doesn't need to go all over the installation again. This answer I picked up from a liunx users group. And sorry, Swwelsh is right, guess I shouldn't have locked the answer.
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