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Posted on 2000-03-30
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
I have a laptop that is a DHCP client for my modem connections as well as my LAN connections.  When I'm in the office and I boot up, I get an IP address from our company DHCP server.  When I go into hibernate mode, go home and dial into my ISP, I get a different IP address that allows me to surf the net.  I put it back into hibernation mode and go back to the office and connect to the LAN once again.  But this time, I don't get an IP address from DHCP.  Instead, I get an automatic IP address from I don't know where.  I try to release it and it won't let me.  I try to renew it, and it won't let me.  The only way I can get a LAN IP address again is to reboot.  Microsoft touts the ability of never having to reboot even when moving from network to network.  I haven't found that to be true at all.  Any ideas on how I can get an IP address from the DHCP server without having to reboot?
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What process did you go through to renew it?  I've been able to get entirely new DHCP leases by going to Start Menu:Settings:Network and Dialup Connections, disabling the active connection then enabling it again.  Of course, I wasn't throwing in Dial-up IP in there at the same time -- just hopping from LAN to LAN.


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I used IPCONFIG /RELEASE and it told me that it couldn't release an autotmatic IP address.  I even tried IPCONFIG /RENEW and it told me a DHCP server could not be contacted.

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There are several points that may be misunderstood in your question, so í propose several possible solutions.

First when connecting to the Lan and when connecting to internet at home by modem you refer to different adapters, which appear as different objects when typing ipconfig /all. When typing ipconfig /release you try to release the adresses for both adapters. Every adapter gets a separate IP Adress bound to it upon connection.

If you want to release the ipadress of your Lan adapter type ipconfig /release [adapter] using the [(Lan)adapter] as it is displayed in ipconfig /all.

It is possible that he trys to release the config on virtual adapter representing your modem, and its rather clear he can not find a dhcp server there at this time. (It is not clear if hybernation mode does clear this connection)

Also the ipconfig /renew [adapter] should be used on the Lan adapter, if the modem connection is not properly cleared after hybernation.

The ipconfig /release command may also be dependent on your users rights, and that may cause that you are not allowed to change the ipadress. So try it with administrator rights, to check if thats the cause of the problem.

But there is a third possible cause that may fit in, from your discription: there is a known bug, that causes the workstation to freeze when typing ipconfig /release. It occurs if you upgraded the machine to win2k, but an earlier version than 1.2 of the network manager is installed, and was not properly upgraded. In this case you have to uninstall the NMagent service, and install the network monitor 2.0.

hm.. another idea i came to think of is that you may have cached wrong ip-adresses for your DHCP Server during the connect at home (or job). As hybernation mode may conserve this cache. ipconfig /registerdns should flash that cache.

Hope that helps

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Let me try to describe my scenario a little better.  When I'm in the office on a LAN connection, I have no problem getting an IP address to my LAN card.  I go into hibernation mode.  I then disconnect from the network and go home.  From home, I dial into an ISP and my Modem gets an IP address.  When I'm finished with the ISP, I "hang up" my connection then go into hibernate mode.  I go back to the office the next day and reconnect to the network.  I don't get an IP address anymore.  I tried releasing and renewing (I didn't try specifying the LAN card in my syntax).  I still didn't get an IP address (Since I installed and configured W2K, I made sure that my account is a member of the Administrators group).  The only thing that SOMETIMES works is if I Disable the LAN connection and then Enable it again.  That seems to work sometimes, but not all the time.  I will try releasing and renewing again with my LAN card specified.

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