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Data Flow Window

Posted on 2000-03-31
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
I need to display data (ASCII text) being read from a serial port in a TextBox or on a Label.  I'm reading the data from the serial port into a string using a timer.  The string contains CR and LF characters.  I don't only want to display one string, but as many strings as possible, depending upon the size of the TextBox/Label. If the TextBox/Label is full I want to remove the oldest line. I want the string to be divided only if it contains a CR/LF character or the TextBox/Label is not wide enough. The code also should be as fast as possible.
Any good ideas?
Question by:OTveit
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Accepted Solution

wsh2 earned 150 total points
ID: 2673467
1.  Start a new Standard.exe project
2.  Add a Command Button (Command1)
3.  Add a Textbox (Text1) and set the Text1.Multiline property to True and the Text1.Scrollbars property to 2.
4.  Copy and paste the following code into the Form1 code window.
5.  Press F5 to run. Type anything you like in the textbox.. and then press the command button to write 51 lines.

<----- Code Begin ----->

Option Explicit
Private m_intTextLines As Integer
Private m_intTextLimit As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()

'  At design time
'  Please SET Text1.MultiLine = True
'  Please SET Text1.ScrollBars = 2
   m_intTextLimit = 50

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Dim intindex As Integer
   For intindex = 1 To 51
      xAdd2Textbox ("Data " & intindex & vbCRLF)
   Next intindex

End Sub

Private Sub xAdd2Textbox(ByVal strInput As String)
   If m_intTextLines < m_intTextLimit _
      m_intTextLines = m_intTextLines + 1
      Text1.Text = Text1.Text & strInput
      Dim strWork As String
      strWork = Right(Text1.Text, Len(Text1.Text) _
         - (InStr(1, Text1.Text, vbCrLf) + 1))
      Text1.Text = strWork & strInput
   End If

End Sub

<----- Code End ----->

The textbox will automatically accomodate the CrLf (new line) and if the text line is longer than the width of the textbox, automatically wrap it over onto 2+ lines.


Expert Comment

ID: 2673678
You the Comm control's event instead of timer to poll for the data arriaval
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Expert Comment

ID: 2673829
Good point vbGuru.. <smile>
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Author Comment

ID: 2683133
I've made some changes and it works. Is there a trick to make the cursor dissapear from the text box? It's also a little bit flickery...
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Expert Comment

ID: 2684511
I don't know that you want the Cursor to disappear.. that can be VERY confusing to a user.. and in most cases, users will think that there is something wrong with the computer.

In lieu of that, what I would suggest, is using the Text.MouseIcon property to have the cursor change to a different Icon whenever the user crosses over into Text space.. <smile>.

Author Comment

ID: 2700280
Oh, sorry ... a missunderstanding. I do not want the mouse pointer to dissapear, but I want the cursor "|" blinking in the TextBox to dissapear.
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Expert Comment

ID: 2701005
That is known as the caret.. <smile>. Change property Text.Locked = True to make it go away.. <smile>.

Author Comment

ID: 2704461
Ok, Thanks!

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