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Posted on 2000-03-31
Last Modified: 2010-04-04

I've a basic question:

I've created a database in Access 2000 and now I'd like to open it
with TQuery in D3 Stdt. Therefore I created an alias in the BDE !
Whenever I set TQuery.Active to true I get an Login dialog.
Simply clicking ok will pop up the following message:

The Jet VBA file (VBAJET.DLL for 16-bit versions, or VBAJET32.DLL for 32-bit versions) failed to initialize when called. Try alias Access.

What can I do in the BDE/Delphi or Access ??

Thanks a lot.
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Try this:

- Drop a TDatabase component on your form
- Set AliasName to your BDE alias
- Set DatabaseName to 'something'
- Set LoginPrompt to false
- Set TQuery.DatabaseName to 'something'

If your database has no password then you won't get the dialog anymore.



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I would also check you have set up the BDE Alias correctly.  One of the parameters is a Driver Type.  Make sure this is set to MSACCESS as opposed to anything strange.


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today I downloaded the newest BDE version. In the help I saw that this VBAJET32.DLL is a part of the Jet Lib.
So I copied all MS Jet engine files to my system folder (no Access on my computer), it's version 4.0.
The BDE help says it's only compatible with Jet 3.0 and 3.5: now the compiler says "Common SQL error", error code "13059".

what can I do ?
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I don't know and this has nothing to do with your initial question.

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If you use D3 and the BDE to access MS-Access 2000 files you will (as far as I know) not be able to succeed because the BDE does only support MSACCESS DAO 3.5 but not 4.0 which is neccessary to connect to Access 2000 files.
If you just copy the DAO files on your system the won't work, because they are COM-servers which need to be registerd correctly and I think you would also need to supply a licence key to use them.
You will have to do a correct installation of the DAO-engine before you can use them correctly and legally.
If you use a Product like Access (of course) or Word,Excel 2000 then you will have the DAO 4.0 installed on your PC.
But then you still won't be able to use the BDE whith D3 to bind them to a TDataset or anything else.
If you don't need to have a tDataset you can import the DAO type library to create instances of all the DAO-Engine objects and make a connection to the database and perform all the tasks you want.
A better approach IMO would be to install ADO on your computer as this is the future of the data access strategies from Microsoft. The ADO 2.5 files can be installed by executing the file MDAC_typ25.exe which you can download for free from the MS website.
An OLE-DB-provider for DAO 4.0, MS-SQL server and others will be included in that package.
You can then either import the ADO-type libraries and create the neccessary COM-objects to perform your tasks or -if you want to go the easy way or need to have TDataset compatible components in your app- purchase a component package which will work with ADO.
I use the GM - Components from Gerrit Moeller since I use D3 and am very satisfied whith them. They will work whith either ADO or DAO and can be used whith D3,4,5 or BCB3,4. You can download a fully functional demo at
For other components see the BDE-alternatives guide at

Hope that helps

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Hi, I just like to know if you read my answer already?

Author Comment

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Now, I did !
I didn't get an anouncement email !

In the meantime I found out myself, I'll give you the points anyway.


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Hi Heiko,

thanks for giving me the points. I hope my answer was still useful for you, because otherwise those would taste different. (Typisch deutsch, oder?)



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