Win98 2ed shutdown problem

Sometime when I shutdown,it restarts by itself.
How do I rectify the problem?
I am using win98 2nd edition,ATX Abit BH6 motherboard,ie5 and Netscape4.72.
Pentium 2 333mhz with 64meg Ram.
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slapradeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try disabling fast shutdown option in MSCONFIG - If that fails to resolve the problem then remove checks for powerprofile items in startup option of MSCONFIG - The quetion to ask is "can I shutdown from safe mode" - If so then its a matter of removing startup options or applications or hardware to determine the offending body - if not then reinstall windows
Check Microsoft help at the following URL:

There is an update available that solves some Windows 98 second edition  shutdown problems.
Also in reference to the above - to save some time go into the Device Manager and make sure you don't have any conflicts. Win98 hates conflicts and this will often cause the computer to reboot when trying to shutdown.

Believe it or not. Try rebooting to DOS mode then type exit. Repeat this step three times. This has been working for  most machines I work on if it doesn't then atleast it'll usually give me an error message that I can work with.
mseow040797Author Commented:
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