ActiveX Document exe/dll

Just basically: What is it, what's it for, how would I use it? I've made one (sort of... I compiled a blank project.), but nothing shows up if I start the exe, so I'm at a loss to know much of anything about it.
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TechBytesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
David u Have to open .vbd(Visual Basci Document file).
   This  file will be opened in the Internet Explorer along with the controls what u have placed in the Form.
ActiveX Documents are used for creating Intranet aware applications.
KDivadAuthor Commented:
Alright, I got that now.
Two more questions, if I may.
1. What would be the difference between compiling to an exe or a dll? An exe would seem to indicate that it can be run "standalone". I don't see that it can, though.
2. Is IE the only browser that it will open in?
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1. An EXE runs as an out-of-line process.. while a DLL runs as an inline process. An out of line process runs in its own computer address space.. and concurrently with its caller. An inline process runs in the SAME computer address space as its Caller. A simple delineage of this would be.. use an EXE if you want to run the program function as a seperate job (principally on another computer).. use a DLL if you want to use the component as an internal function within the program you are currently executing. Please keep in mind.. you need at least one EXE to call another DLL or EXE. Oh, one very important thing (generally speaking).. EXE's can have user interfaces.. DLLs cannot.

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer v4+ and Microsoft Binder are the principle 2 Container applications that can host ActiveX Document Components.
KDivadAuthor Commented:
wsh2, thanks. But I think I must have made myself unclear. I was referring to an ActiveX document exe vs. dll as opposed to exes and dlls in general.
Perhaps this will clear myself up: After compiling a normal exe from a blank unaltered project, starting the exe shows form1. Doing the same with the AD exe shows nothing since a form is not the startup module. If the exe/dll is only to support the UD, then why have exe?
Thanks for the answer to number 2. I'm accepting TechBytes answer since he/she answered my original question. I'll give you some points through another question once I figure this out.

Thanks to all of you!
Whether it be a regular program / dll.. or an ActiveX document the concept is still the same.. <smile>
KDivadAuthor Commented:
Never mind.
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