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My application opens in very large window, is there a way to re-size them permanently, I adjust them smaller and on the next app there are still very large. Jacques
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hari_kpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easy . Get some tweaking tools. search for tweak at, or and most of them have an option save windows settings on exit. This should work for most of them. Except a few which have an option to remeber size in the options menu. Check the tweaking tools.
In explorer look under folder options view tab check the box remember folders view settings
Unless the application itself remembers its own window settings from session to session there isn't any way to re-size them permanently. sorgie's suggestion will work for explorer windows, but not any other application.
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Make sure that on your shortcut properties and start menu properties you have the "Run" option set to "Norma Windowl" not maximized.
Right click the Icon, go to properties, and set to Normal Window as MACH1 has said. Give him the points too.
Some app's will remember the window size settings ONLY if you exit the app by using the menu action, File> close or exit depending on the app.
Easy! Download some tweaking tools and they have an option save window settings on exit. This enables to save the settings also and the next time you will have the window as you closed it last. But, remember it is an app based setting. Check in the options in the program. There will an option there also.
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