picture box to plot a chart

hi experts,

I tried to plot data to a mschart control. I have to refresh the
chart control a lot time. but if I do this, the chart flickers.

I have read that I can use the picture box control.

can you give me an example of creating a chart with the picture
box control?


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AzraSoundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you may find this interesting:
What type of chart you want to use ?
micha71Author Commented:
simple line charts containing three graphs
two linear (constant value vor max/min range)
 and one sine like.

do you have another suggestion to realize the
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You could try to disable or make the chart invisible each time you want to refresh it and then re-enable/visible once refreshed - this should fix the flickering problem.

Abut using the picture box as a chart I'm not too sure how you would go about doing this, but I'm certain it must be possible.  Probably a lot of coding though, as you would have to probably draw all the lins yourself (within code).
micha71Author Commented:
sorry it doesn't work. setting to invisible makes it worst and setting the enabled property is the same as before
are you refreshing it everytime it changes?  does its repaint property make it any better?
micha71Author Commented:
the features for the gaphlite control are very
poor, but its better then the flickering of the
chart control.

it was a very helpful tip.

lot thanks
Anytime  =)
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