too much memory for win98?

Dear win98 experts:

I have a k62-450 with 384MB ram (just upgraded from 128MB).  Everything is recognized fine by the OS however I don't seem to have one single byte of power over and above the 128MB.  i.e.  I can't really load any more apps than I could before :(  Any recommendations?  (besides the obvious moving to NT)

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
all i can suggest is look at your swap file size.
look under control panel- system-performance,set filesystem to "network server" and play around with the virtual memory settings.
this may make difference but like you already realize,true multitasking and use of the extra power really requires nt..

Cheers Barry

I am sure that there are arguements on both sides of the fence, but unless you are running some intensive graphics, database on your machine, I think that anything over 128mb is money spent elsewhere.


I do not see that your "comment" can be construed as an "answer", at least until Johnn announces that you have indeed solved the riddle. It is good manners on this site to let the questioner be the judge of the "right answer". Also, when you lock the question with an "answer", it moves the question out of view of other participants who may well have the "real anwser" for the questioner.
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oldgreyguy ,
 look at my paq,or the "hall of fame"
i didnt get there being rude !

having been at the site a lot longer than yourself im quite sure i know when to leave a comment or a answer and i know what is being polite and what isnt.

unfortunalty in this case with win9* there is nothing else really that can be done , the os will not open more windows because theres more ram..
personally i would have put the money towards winnt/win2k but johnn already knows this.
looking at swap sizes/virtual memory etc is about all thats left to make a difference.

i didnt see your comments helping the situation any...


My apologies for bringing controversy to your question, It was not my intent to detract from your query.


If my comments were taken as rude, I assure you they were not meant so, but as to your standing in the EE forum, In the future I will surely refrain from making comments with out first checking someones credentials.

i also had no rude intentions .
Regards Barry

As I posted in another question, the extra memory over 128 is there, is used, and in certain circumstances does make a difference.

Unfortunatley the number of open apps is not one of them.

The user.exe and gdi.exe are the two components, which for legacy reasons, still have a lot of 16-bit code in them.

This restriction, in how Windows 95 and 98 manage memory as it relates to drawing the screen is what prevents you from opening a bazillion windows , even if you had a gigabyte of RAM.

I know it isn't pleasant news, but in order to get lots of windows open, you need to run NT (or Linux, or Be, or even OS/2)
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