Link Pages with <select>?????

How can I Make a list with links with the <select>-command? My current version:
<option><a href="URL1">Name</a>
<option><a href="URL2">Name2</a>

It doesn't work. How to do it right?
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Your code from the beginning is fine, what you need to do is just put the close option tag after each option. Right now, it can't find it and thus won't work.

<a href="url1">Option1</a>

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Try this,

<select name="select" onChange="location = this.options this.selectedIndex].value;">            <option selected>Select one</option>
<option value="Option2.html">Option 2</option>
<option value="Option3.html">Option 3</option>

Hope this help.
how you solve this depends on whether you want the solution to be run on the client side or the server side.  if it's the latter you'll have to have a submit-button saying "Go!" (or something like that), and then a small form handler that outputs the needed Location-header so the browser gets redirected to the other location.

if you want to do it on the client side, Hardaway's suggestion is one possible solution.  I prefer to do it slightly differently though, using a small function to do the job.  it checks for empty values, making you easily able to have spacers in your code.

script code:

<script type="text/javascript">
function go(mySelect) {
  var myValue = mySelect[mySelect.selectedIndex].value;
  if(myValue != "") {
    location = myValue;

and then use a select like this:

<select onchange="go(this)">
<option value="">Please select your destination</option>
<option value="page1.html">Page #1</option>
<option value="page2.html">Page #2</option>
<option value=""> -- Spacer -- </option>
<option valu="page3.html">Page #3</option>
the closing tag on option elements is optional (pun not intended).  so, the next opening tag for <option> implicitly closes the previous one.
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