linux tcpserver

i'm install qmail on redhat-6.0
and i want to run it fprom inetd.conf
with tcpserver programe if i run it
without this everything look fine.
but when i put this command in my
inetd.conf "tcpserver -v -x/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb -uused -ggroup 0 smtp /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd &"
i get the error message in my /var/log/messages unknown service
or address already in use. i check the service file and i try ps -ef | grep smtp or someting like this but nothing
if run it from the command prompt it's ok is someone can help me with this?
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I don't use qmail, but if it follows the sendmail model, you don't run it from inetd. The master daemon needs to be running all the time and it will spawn children as needed to process email.

While I second jlevie's comment, let me point out that what you are inserting in inetd.conf is *deeply wrong*: the line should look something like

smtp stream tcp nowait root tcpserver <cmd and args>  

- do a man inetd.conf to find the exact sysntax. Surely no '&' should be in the command line. 'smtp' should be listed in /etc/services. Are you sure you want to do the inetd thing? It'll be pretty inefficient, assuming it works at all.

Besides, 'address already in use' seems to point to the fact that qmail may be already running, which is a no-no: you can have standalone qmail or (maybe) inetd qmail, but not both.


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mishelmAuthor Commented:
i take this line from the qmail faq.
maybe i put it wrong in inetd

i need to check it now
so tanks for your help
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You are misreading the FAQ: it explans how to run qmail *standalone* meaning *NOT from inetd*. The critical points are (emphasis added):

*REMOVE the smtp line from /etc/inetd.conf*, and put the two lines

Under redhat, a possible place to insert the command would be /etc/rc.d/rc.local.

mishelmAuthor Commented:
thanks to all it's working is
my fault i'm frorunning it from rc.local and it's work fine
mishelmAuthor Commented:
it's working it was my fault
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