how to creat separate INBOXES in Eudora?

Posted on 2000-04-02
Last Modified: 2008-02-07
When I bought Eudora Pro 4.2, I thought I could use the filtering function to create individual Inboxes for my handful of email accounts.  I'm not finding how to do this, although I did figure out how to make Personalities.  When I check mail, though, mail from each of my accounts all ends up in the one Inbox.  One person suggested that there may not be a way.  He actually suggested using several individual copies of Eudora Light to accomplish this.  Can I do it in Eudora Pro 4.2, and if so, how?
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if you want to create a new mailbox, choose the mailbox pane in the left hand corner, right click on "Eudora" and select "New".

next you'll have to create a filter that'll dump the mail in the new mailbox you created.  choose "Tools, Filters".  up comes the filter settings.  click "New" and you'll get a new filter.  from there you can choose what headers it should match (probably To: in your case) and then choose the proper actions.  next time you check your mail the filter should apply.  if not, try restarting Eudora.

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Thank you, nettrom. I want to make sure I understand what you're saying.  First, I need to create a new mailbox.  Second, I need to create a new filter to get incoming mail to end up in that new mailbox instead of lumped into the Inbox with everything else?  Is this process unrelated to the 'Personalities' I've already created?

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yes you need to create a new mailbox, it'll be your "other inbox" so to speak.  then you'll have to have a filter that separates mail for you and dumps it into the "other inbox".

personalities and filters are actually totally unrelated (except that you can set up filters that swaps personalities for you).  the personalities, as far as I know (and have used them), are used for having multiple mail-accounts.

I used to do this every day, both at home and at work.  I own several mail accounts (5 at the moment, I think), and with the right personality setup I can grab e-mail from all of them and get it nicely sorted into different mailboxes.  the everyday example is fetching both mail for work & home while at work, and then moving all mail for the home-account into a "home" inbox.  since you're using personalities Eudora knows which account received what mail, and will use the right e-mail address when you reply.

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Thank you, nettrom.  I was able to set this up properly.  The filtering process was a little complex with all this boolean stuff.  And the 'transfer' command turned out to be the key I was just plain missing.

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the filtering setup is slightly difficult if you're not familiar with boolean logic and mail headers, something most people aren't.  I read through the help file on filter setup, and it doesn't explain the logic behind it very much.  a lot more information about the different actions (I'm using a sponsored Eudora 4.3).

glad to hear you got it working though.  feel free to drop a comment if there's something more you need help with.

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