Connecting to a Paradox database with VB

Posted on 2000-04-03
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
I am trying to write a VB program that connects to a Paradox database to extract information. I have looked at the online help but I am not getting anywhere with it.
I can connect to a Access database and extract information from that with no problem, but I cannot connect to a Paradox DB in the same way.
Can anyone tell me what I need to do?
Question by:tonytaylor
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The easiest way is to Set the Connect property of the data control to Paradox. This will allow you to

However if you need to query data into and from Access to Paradox you need to attach the table.

If you have the retail version of Access you should right mouse click the table tab and select link tables and use this to attach your Paradox tables.

You can also attach this in code by using the tabledefs object

Set NewTD=myDb.CreateTableDef("NewtableName")

NewTD.Connect="Paradox 4.x;Database=C:\Mydir\Mydb;"

Mydb.Append NewTD

This will attach the table to your Access database.

This is the correct answer

Thanks in Advance for the points


Author Comment

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Thanks for your swift response, Voodooman.
Your answer would help me to link an Access db to a Paradox one, but I am not sure if I was clear enough in my question.
What I need to do is connect to a Paradox db and extract information from it with a VB program (probably using a SELECT statement) and then write this information to a text file.
If you could give me the code to connect and extract info from a Paradox db I will increase the points value of the question.
Also is there any difference between version 7 of Paradox and earlier versions?

Accepted Solution

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if you want to query the Paradox table set the data source to an sql string.

mydatacontrol.DATASource="Select * from stock"


Here is some code that writes a csv

This includes the field names selectively - you could do this with the SQL if you want

Public Function ExportStockTable() As Boolean

Dim rs As dao.Recordset
Dim filestr As String
Dim GetDir As String
Dim recstr As String

On Error GoTo E:

'make sure the Export Directory exists
'if not create it
GetDir = Dir(Envobj.ProgramLocation & "Export", vbDirectory)
If GetDir = "" Then
    MkDir Envobj.ProgramLocation & "Export"
    End If
filename = Envobj.ProgramLocation & "Export\Stock.txt"

'now create the blank file or if it exists clear it
Open filename For Output As #1
Close #1

'Set the data
Set rs = data_Stock.recordset

If rs.RecordCount = 0 Then
   Imessage "No Stock Records to Export!"
   Exit Function
End If

Open filename For Append As #1

'Add the first row with the table names
Print #1, "Code,Date,Supplier,Label,Description,Category,SizeRange,Size,Sell Price,VatRate,Colour,BuyPrice,Style,StyleName"

Do Until rs.EOF

For I = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1

'Select the field names for the Export
Select Case rs(I).Name
    Case "Code", "Date", "Supplier", "Label", "Description", "Category", "SizeRange", "Size", "Sell Price", "VatRate", "Colour", "BuyPrice", "Style", "StyleName"
        'if its Text
            If rs.Fields(I).Type = dbText Then
                If IsNull(rs.Fields(I)) Then
                recstr = recstr & Chr(34) & Chr(34)
                recstr = recstr & Chr(34) & rs.Fields(I) & Chr(34)
                End If
            End If
            'if its date
            If rs.Fields(I).Type = dbDate Then
                If Not IsNull(rs.Fields(I)) Then
                recstr = recstr & rs.Fields(I)
                End If
            End If
             'if its not text and not date
            If rs.Fields(I).Type <> dbText And rs.Fields(I).Type <> dbDate Then
                If Not IsNull(rs.Fields(I)) Then
                recstr = recstr & Format$(rs.Fields(I))
                End If
            End If
recstr = recstr & ","
End Select

Next I

'trim the last comma off the end
recstr = Left(recstr, Len(recstr) - 1)

Print #1, recstr
recstr = ""



Close #1

ExportStockTable = True

Exit Function

Emessage "An error has occurred writing Stock.txt!"
Exit Function

End Function

Good Luck



Author Comment

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Adjusted points from 100 to 150

Author Comment

ID: 2686596
Thanks Voodooman.
Your answers helped me to do what I need so far. I may well be back with more questions later.

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