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I want a function that searches the word in between two tags like <font>red</font> the fastest way possible in vb. You should be able to call it like this,,

dim str1,str2 as string
call SearchBetween(RTF1,str1,str2,output)

the string should be able to be anything like.. blablabla and hello

And fast as possible
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mark2150Connect With a Mentor Commented:
public function isolate(rtb as string, str1 as string, str2 as string) as string
marker1 = instr(1, rtb, str1, vbTextCompare)
if marker1 < 1 then exit function
marker2 = instr(marker1, rtb, str2, vbtextCompare)
if marker2 < 1 then exit function
isolate = mid( rtb, marker1 + len(str1) + 1, str2-marker1 + len(str1) -1)
end function

This should be close for off the top of my head.


If there might be multiple instances of the string you are searching for (and you are usign VB6) then you could use the Filter function.
Otherwise, you could use the InStr function.
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Hi, this code is your straight forward solution,
Note: if you didn't put either the StartTag or EndTag the code returns ""

Private Sub SearchBetween(ByVal strInput As String, ByVal strStartTag As String, ByVal strEndTag As String, strOutput As String)
Dim StartTagPosition As Long, EndTagPosition As Long
StartTagPosition = InStr(1, strInput, strStartTag, vbTextCompare)
StartTagPosition = StartTagPosition + Len(strStartTag) - 1
EndTagPosition = InStr(1, strInput, strEndTag, vbTextCompare)
If (StartTagPosition And EndTagPosition) = 0 Then strOutput = "": Exit Sub
strOutput = Mid(strInput, StartTagPosition + 1, EndTagPosition - StartTagPosition - 1)
End Sub
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Private Function SearchBetween(rtb As String, tagStart As String, tagEnd As String, schval As String)
On Error Resume Next
Dim tmpVal As String

startVal = 1
tmpVal = Mid(rtb, InStr(1, rtb, tagStart) + Len(tagStart), InStr(1, rtb, tagEnd) - InStr(1, rtb, tagStart) - Len(tagStart))
If InStr(tmpVal, schval) Then
    MsgBox tmpVal
End If
End Function
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Geo24Author Commented:
But what if there is for example a " and " on each side, then it dont return nothing. Like, color="red" and i want red. Otherwise its great, thanx! And thanx to all others to.
Simple enough.

const quote as string * 1 = """"

str1 = "color=" & quote
str2 = quote

This will find the word *red* in the middle of color="red"

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