I have a listview in report mode that has a checkbox, an icon, and a label in the first column.  All prints correctly except the size of the checkbox (state icon) and the icon.  I'm pretty confused about the mapping modes so I'm thinking that is the problem.  Below is code to print that 1st column of the list view.  If anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong I'd be very greatful.

void CPrintListCtrl::Draw_Icons(int nItem, CRect stRect)
      HIMAGELIST      himl;
      int                  nSaveDC = SaveDC(m_hPrintDC);

        CClientDC dcScreen(NULL);
        SetMapMode(m_hPrintDC, MM_ANISOTROPIC);
        // map 1 screen logical inch to 1 printer (/output) logical inch
            CSize CalcSize;
            SetWindowExtEx(m_hPrintDC, dcScreen.GetDeviceCaps(LOGPIXELSX),
                dcScreen.GetDeviceCaps(LOGPIXELSY), &CalcSize);
            SetViewportExtEx(m_hPrintDC, GetDeviceCaps(m_hPrintDC, LOGPIXELSX),
                GetDeviceCaps(m_hPrintDC, LOGPIXELSY), &CalcSize);

      // get item data
      LV_ITEM lvi;
      lvi.stateMask=0xFFFF;         // get all state flags
      SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETITEM, (WPARAM)(int)0, (LPARAM)(LPLVITEM)&lvi);

      //Get rectangles for painting
      CRect     rcBounds, rcLabel, rcIcon;
      rcBounds.left = LVIR_BOUNDS;
      rcLabel.left = LVIR_LABEL;
      rcIcon.left = LVIR_ICON;
      SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETITEMRECT, (WPARAM) (int) nItem, (LPARAM) (LPRECT) rcBounds);
      SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETITEMRECT, (WPARAM) (int) nItem, (LPARAM) (LPRECT) rcLabel);
      SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETITEMRECT, (WPARAM) (int) nItem, (LPARAM) (LPRECT) rcIcon);

      CRect     rcCol(rcBounds);
      CRect     rcWnd;

    char   szBuf[255];

    memset(szBuf, 0, sizeof(szBuf));

    stLVI.iSubItem   = 0;
    stLVI.pszText    = szBuf;
    stLVI.cchTextMax = sizeof(szBuf);

    SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETITEMTEXT, (WPARAM)(int)nItem, (LPARAM)(LPLVITEM)&stLVI);
      //Label offset
      CSize size;
      GetTextExtentPoint32(m_hPrintDC, _T(" "), 1, &size);
      int offset =;

      CRect      rcHighlight;
      int            nExt = 0;

      GetTextExtentPoint32(m_hPrintDC, szBuf, sizeof(szBuf), &size);
      nExt = + offset;
      rcHighlight = rcLabel;
      if(rcLabel.left + nExt < rcLabel.right)
      rcHighlight.right = rcLabel.left + nExt;

       SetBkColor(m_hPrintDC, ::GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW));

      //set clip region
    int iColWidth = SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETCOLUMNWIDTH, (WPARAM)(int)0, 0);
      rcCol.right = rcCol.left + iColWidth;

      //Draw state icon
      if(lvi.state & LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK)
            int nImage = ((lvi.state & LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK) >> 12) - 1;
            himl = (HIMAGELIST)SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETIMAGELIST,(WPARAM)LVSIL_STATE, 0);
            int nImageCount = ImageList_GetImageCount(himl);
            //offset the state image icon indent levels.
            nExt = rcCol.left + lvi.iIndent*rcIcon.Width();    //nExt reused
            if(nImageCount > 0)
                  ImageList_Draw(himl, nImage, m_hPrintDC, stRect.left,, ILD_TRANSPARENT);

     //Draw Normal and overlay icon
      himl = (HIMAGELIST)SendMessage(m_hListCtrl, LVM_GETIMAGELIST,(WPARAM)LVSIL_SMALL, 0);
      int nImageCount = ImageList_GetImageCount(himl);
      if(nImageCount > 0)
            UINT nOvlImageMask = lvi.state & LVIS_OVERLAYMASK;
            ImageList_Draw(himl, lvi.iImage, m_hPrintDC, (stRect.left + rcIcon.left),, ILD_TRANSPARENT|nOvlImageMask);

     //if state image mask is on and indent is 0 then consider it as Server row
     if((lvi.state & LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK) && !lvi.iIndent)
          rcLabel.right = rcBounds.right;     //draw server name to full row width

      //Draw item label
      stRect.left = stRect.left + rcIcon.Width() + rcIcon.Width() + 16;
      dtFlags |= DT_LEFT;

      DrawText(m_hPrintDC, szBuf, strlen(szBuf), stRect, dtFlags);

      RestoreDC(m_hPrintDC, nSaveDC);
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hi jaiken!
for printing icons you had to use StretchDIBits(). So, if in your ImageList_Draw() function you are using StretchBlt or BitBlt for printing your icons then replace those calls using StretchDIBits after converting your HBITMAP into appropriate Device Independent Bitmap. For using StretchDIBits see article "DIBs and their use" in MSDN Library.

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I found on codeguru sight where they convert the icon to a bitmap and then stretch the bitmap to the correct size to print it.  This worked for me.
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I didn't see sun307 but now that I am looking he has the right answer.  how do i change this to give him the points.
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