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I want to hide my IP address while surfing. Most of the time it is no problem as I can use a proxy and I have done that. That works fine but when I connect to some Java based chat rooms they can see my IP address anyway. The reason is that the chat client is running on my machine so when the application asks for the address it will give it away no matter if I am using a proxy service or not.

Is there a way to hide my address even when using pages like that?

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You are best off faking your IP address using one of the following tools:

Sygate - http://www.sybergen.com/products/gate_ov.htm (this is not free)
Wingate - http://wingate.deerfield.com/download/ (free trial)

Either one of these programs will allow you to spoof your IP address so that people who query your IP on parachat will get a fake address.  You can read more about hiding your identity on IRC (Internet Relay Chat--same principles) at http://www.progenic.com/library/tutorials/raven/irc.html

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No. Your IP is needed for TCP/IP communication to occur. You cannot hide your IP address and at the same time expect to get any network traffic back to your computer.

It's like sending someone a letter with no return address. There is no way for them to send you back any mail.

Anytime you visit a web page, that page can gather your IP address. If they want, they can publish that IP in a chat forum or anything else. There is nothing you can do except not visit the page.
This answer is not correct.  Please reject it and I will then post the correct solution.

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ok, knock yourself out.
Have a look at these sites they all offer software to surf anonymously.


Start with the top one.  Have you got the URL of chat rooms so that I can test these.
jockeWAuthor Commented:
I have tested the all and all of them is still showing my IP address. The chat room I was thinking of is made by Parachat and can be found at www.parachat.com.

I know that my address is needed to establish a communication, but a proxy can help me as a middle hand. The only problem is Java apps and Java scripts. One way is to turn them off but then I can't use sites like the chat above.

What I was thinking was if you could fool the function that Java is using to report a different IP address.
jockeWAuthor Commented:
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