Posted on 2000-04-03
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I am trying to reinstall windows 98 but am having problems doing so.  THe only help i need is formatting.  I did:
format C: /s
from my boot disk in the A: drive and it gave me an error about not having enough system memory or something.  I've already formatted once before then re-partitioned.  I'm now trying to format again so the C: drive will be usable. does anybody know why i'm getting the memory error when i try to format?
Question by:graham321

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ID: 2681267
Did your config.sys have the line devicehigh= himem.sys? if not add it and try. and do you himem.sys in your floppy? If not checkout

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ID: 2681284
Try running fdisk again delete and recreate your partitions. Also might try fdisk /mbr.

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ID: 2681397
What kind of computer is it? If a 486 you may need to use a disk manager utility... You can get this utility from the support site of the Hard drive manufacturer. Pre EIDE computers dont support hard drives over 540 meg so the disk manager is needed. You can tell a pre-EIDE computer by the lack of PCI slots and devises.
If 586 or higher then the comment above is the correct answer.
Also you may want to check out the settings in the bios to make sure that your Bios has identified the hard drive correctly. Since it would appear that you are using all of the same configuration and have just wiped it I think setting the Partition with Fdisk is the answer.
Oh one other thing Some Seagate hard drives will absolutely not set up the first time with out the assistance of a disk manager.
Good Luck
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ID: 2681644
i haven't tried your method yet but i'm just asking this incase.  I have a seagate drive and was wondering where i can get a disk manager which you were talking about.


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ID: 2681684
you can get it from seagate's support site. give me a minute and I'll try to find it for you.
If it is a new drive the manager comes on a partition on the drive that you copy to a floppy...
hang on be back in a bit

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ID: 2681693
Here it is as promised...
Good luck

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ID: 2682070
Try making the c: drive bootable a different way.  At the a: prompt type "sys c:".  This is a different way of copying the system files to the drive and making it bootable.

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ID: 2682100
His system is not recognizing his hard drive as having enough space which means his partiton is not correctly set or he needs the drive signed by a disk manager before he can partition it correctly. Sys a will not work until that problem is resolved as there is no known medium avaible to dos to write the system files. A hard drive has to have a start and a stop on it for any files to work or to be written on it. That is the idea behind partitioning.
the sys files make the drive active or "bootable" but cannot exist without a partition. The filesystem would not know where to begin or end.
If you are not sure you should leave a comment instead of an answer. you have him locked now.

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ID: 2682152
Hey I just reread your problem and this may help.
boot from the floppy again with the win98 cd in your cdrom drive.
run through Fdisk again to make sure your partiton is the way you want it. reboot again.
watch to see which drive letter is assigned to the cdrom. after it is finished type in the drive letter at the a: prompt then hit enter to switch to that drive. example E: then enter. next type cd win98 then hit enter again this will open the win98 directory.
Next type in Format C:  then hit enter again dont use any other switch's
I have a feeling you are using the win98 recovery boot disk instead of the setup boot disk used for a clean install. it sometimes needs a lil extra help especially if you have 2 drives before the Cdrom... The recovery disk creates its own memory on the hard drive instead of staying in the upper memory like the setup disk does... when formatting it can cause difficulties...
if you are booting from a bootable cd then you also need to watch whats going on because the bootable cd is assigned to the a: drive and your floppy becomes the b: drive...
I know I am throwing alot of possibilities out there but its about helping to solve the problem not locking in points...

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ID: 2685437
I take it the diskmanager worked? =)
Thanks for the points

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