3Dfx problems

I downloaded a 3Dfx patch for the game Ignition. When I tried to run it, a window popped up statin glide2x.dll was needed. I downloaded and unzipped this dll file in the Windows\System folder, but when I tried to launch the 3Dfx patch, another window popped up telling me: "_GlidelnEnvironment glide2x.dll expected Voodoo Graphics, non detected".
What the hell should I do?
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laeuchliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to have a voodoo card :-). Sounds like you don't have one. Buy one at www.3dfx.com
laeuchli is right
voodoo cards have a mode thats unique to all voodoo chipset based
cards. it's called glide and handles all graphic routines
no voodoo->no glide
is the site that can provide you enough informatoin on it. else wise mail me at Ik_Khan@ excite.com i will send you the *.3dfx format

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