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Shelliconcache Missing

My Win98 Shelliconcache file is missing.  It is not being rebuilt when Windows restarts

I understand that this is a hidden file, but it is not present at all on my system.  Because of this, my icons need to be manually refreshed every time.

Can you tell me what the problem is and how I can get Windows to rebuild my Shelliconcache?
1 Solution
In explorer menu/folder options click on show all files, and do a search for ShelliconCache and delete from windows directory.

Go to Start/Run type: SFC and hit Ok
Sfc will scan system and replace any corrupt files.
Have your win cd handy.

Reboot and you should be OK
Asta CuCommented:
Windows 98
Restart Windows in Safe mode. To do so, restart your computer, press and hold down the CTRL key after your computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), and then choose Safe Mode from the Startup menu. For more information about Windows 98 startup, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
TITLE : No "Starting Windows 98" Message at Startup

Use Windows Explorer to remove the ShellIconCache file from the Windows folder.

NOTE: You need to be able to view hidden files to see the ShellIconCache file. To view hidden files in Windows 98, click Folder Options on the View menu in Windows Explorer, click the View tab, click Show All Files, and then click OK.

Restart your computer



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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
lennyh, if you cannot find the ShellIconCache file either in normal mode nor in Safe mode, start your computer to normal mode. During logon windows, bypass any logon to users by [cancel] without entering any logon password. The computer will boot into local machine. You can verify it at the Start-Log off...  Then use windows explorer to search for C:\windows\ShellIconCache. If you have found it, delete it. Then empty the Recycle bin to completely remove the ShellIconCache file.

Next, shut down the computer. After 10-15min., start the computer again. Then logon to the local machine again as stated above. After it has been stable, check if you can find the C:\windows\ShellIconCache. Then, click the Start-log off to confirm log off local machine. The logon window prompt will re-appear. Entering the password and click OK to log on the current user. After it is stable, inspect if the ShellIconCache file has been rebuilt or not. If you cannot find it, repeat above log off current user and log on to local machine as above and then once again log back to the current user. The ShellIconCache file will be rebuilt.

Asta CuCommented:
Hi. Lennyh.

Did my recommendation of 6:18 AM today not work for you?  Brief synopsis from my comments above: "Use Windows Explorer to remove the ShellIconCache file from the Windows folder."


lennyhAuthor Commented:
Hi to all,

Please excuse my not responding.  For some reason, I did not receive an email indicating that comments were posted.  That never happened before.  Thinking that no one had responded, I came back here today with the intention of deleting and found your comments

Here is what I had to do to get my ShellIconCache to rebuild.  It's a bit different than anything suggested  (As indicated above, merely deleting it and rebooting didn't do it.  I never did try running SFC)

After assuring ShellIconCache ws deleted, I used the  Repair icon function in TweakUI.  Strangely enough, the first time I tried this, ShellIconCache ws not rebuilt.  I tried it again on another day, and it worked???  I can't explain that.  Rather puzzling.  But for the time being, all is well.

Thank you for your responses.  If there is some way to divide the points, I'll be happy to do so.

Asta CuCommented:
Good news, Lenny.

Truly baffling things occur with these dynamic environments at times; I've found implementing changes when in troubleshooting mode often takes MULTIPLE reboots to actually be resolved.  

As regards the splitting of points; the most effective way to accomplish, if you wish is to indicate the choice and include a link to this Q in the Customer Service or Support area stating you'd like to have points split and how/to whom.  The questions in the Customer Support/Service area should be posted with zero point value.  Include this link to expedite:

Community Support has reduced points from 100 to 40
Hi everyone,

Reducing points to 40 to allow for split.

You can now accept one of astaec's comments in this thread as an answer. To award the other Experts, you can create new questions in this topic area with a title of 'For ExpertName -- 10322587' using that Experts username with the appropriate points assigned.

Remember, the Accept Comment as Answer button is in the header of the comment.

For your convenience, you can use this link to create the new questions (right click and open in a new window):

Customer Service
Asta CuCommented:
Thank you for your help.

Asta CuCommented:
Thank you very much, Lennyh.  Now to go figure out my current problem; love these computers!


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