HOW C++ de-serialize a java object??????????


Java Program serialize an object and send it to a C++ program throught socket. C++ program pick up the object, but how C++ "de-serialize" a java serialized object? If this is possible, please send me detail info. Thanks.

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azawawiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi zollenkong,

I have done some research on the subject (since last time). I think you can implement a C++ de-serializer after reading "Java Object Serialization Specification" (available at www.javasoft).

The most interesting part for you is "Chapter 6: Object Serialization Stream Protocol" found at

I also found in the same chapter
"6.4.1 Rules of the Grammar"
"6.4.2 Terminal Symbols and Constants"


to be of value in reading a serialized objects stream.

Let me know your progress.
(Hope that helps you in your quest)
keep me posted please...
im interested in this subject :)
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