Plot (screen) function with c++

I am learning cpp, and know there are several functions to plot at the screen with. What is the most common one, which I can find in turbo c++? How do I use it?

Please send me an easy-understood example to my mail too:

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koniantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to use graphics, Allegro is an OK library. It's portable from what I understand, and can be found on
>> I am learning cpp, and know there are several
>> functions to plot at the screen with
Actually not true.  Standard C++ contains no features at all for dealing with graphics.  In fact standard C++ does not even assume that there progam is running on a computer with a monitor.  Standard C/C++ only assumes that there is a text based output device, this coudl be a screen, but it could be a text file, a teletype, a punch card hole punch etc.  so it has no support for graphics.

If you want to have graphics you have to use non-standard (non-portable) procedures.   Turbo C++ may provide provide procedures like this, I don't know, but they are not really part of C++.
PPC022499Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 50 to 100
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PPC022499Author Commented:
Well, thanks! But do you know if there are any more "common" used functions - which follows the most compilors?

Do you know how to use any of them?

Do you have a tiny library for me, with a "plot" function as explained?

If you could mail me one with an example of how to use it I'll give you the 100 points and accept it as an answer!
>> But do you know if there are any more
>> "common" used functions
Nope.  This is because this must vary increadibly from one OS to another and from one computer design to another.  I have don graphics work on 3 platforms and there was NO similarity what-so-ever.

Turbo-C might very well have procedures for performing grphics, but I asure you you won't be able to port them to other OSs or ciompilers without significant changes.

If you can't find any functions that are with Turbo-C you can use the DOS video services, but this is a lot of work and requires a little knowledge of assembly.
PPC022499Author Commented:
Ok, thanks again...!

I'll see to it  :)
PPC022499Author Commented:
OK, hope it'll work.

Following the TC++ comes some libraries, and the putpixel function is there. I managed to use it and am satisfied actually. Thanks anyway!
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