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Where can I find comprehensive literature on how to interface Delphi with Direct3D?

Specifically, I want to take existing Delphi/OpenGL code and translate it to Delphi/Direct3D.
1 Solution

try looking at teh Delphi-Jedi Grafix homepage...


they have got everything you should ever need for D3d, OGL and Glide programming in Delphi..


I suggest you use the delphiX components
they already do all you want with directx,
even direct 3d :
Download DelphiX v02-2000...
It's a serie of non visual components.
very easy to use, look at the samples..
let me know you you want me to help you on that...
scrapdogAuthor Commented:
saw delphi-jedi already...can you give me a specific link that points to documentation?  maybe I didn't look hard enough

DelphiX, been there done that...but there are no docs

I will check that link you listed there to see if it has been updated (my link to it says the last update was in 1998)

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Yes check that link. It was updated by
that french guy at 02-2000 ;)
the doc is readable for now. It is minimalist, but usefull. I could make a small game in no time.
But they are so many samples that compiles right out the box that shows you how everything is working.Because don't forget that you won't find anywhere the doc you are talking about. The doc is the doc of the directX SDK. When using delphiX you will have to fill some nice properties in some components instead of having to write everything like in vc++...

They is no documentation at delphi jedi. It's only a header translation
of the delphix headers... What kind of documentation do you need ?
well here: http://www.no2games.com/turbo/
you will find links to Delphi3D, WDirectX, DXG and other DirectX for delphi components... all freeware
scrapdogAuthor Commented:
>What kind of documentation do you need

I have never used Direct3D, or read much about it.  Basically I would like a tutorial on how to use it...preferably from a Delphi programmer's point of view (if possible).
I won't do you a directX tutorial for 50 pts ;)
What would you like to do with directx ?
look what you want to do and try to do it...this is the best tutorial...

use the components I told you? With them
you can start immediatly with no problems.

look at directX sites, like http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/3390/index.html
to get the vocabulary and try and test around with the delphiX samples.


scrapdogAuthor Commented:
>I won't do you a directX tutorial for 50 pts ;)

No one expects *you* to for 50 pts. =)

I was just wondering if *someone else* already has and you could point me to them.

I am mainly interested in learning it to know it...I have no particular project in mind.  I plan on using OpenGL (it has an elegant and simple interface and I like it), but someday I might wish to use Direct3D as well.

As far as Delphi is concerned, it is not totally necessary that the tutorial be in Delphi, it is just that I find Delphi code (a LOT) less ugly than C++, especially for learning purposes.

I am somewhat familiar (and very impressed) with DelphiX.  I have experimented with it a bit in the past, but not with Direct3D.  Also, I didn't see much documentation for DelphiX...I saw a huge number of functions and procedures, but without docs I am sure a lot of these will go unused =(.
scrapdogAuthor Commented:
I am going to close this question now...it is apparent (to me anyway) that no such tutorial exists yet...however you have given me some leads to other goodies I find interesting. =)
ok. thank you for the points.
you are right, no one has writen a comprehensive tutorial in something else then C++. But even in C++, it is hard to find some cool ressources. But it is possible.
here is the phytian project that tries to make games in delphi : http://www.delphi-jedi.org/gameproject
and it's ok, I understood what you wanted with that question...
If you want to look at openGL, this is the best ressource : http://www.lischke-online.de/GLScene.html
I do not know too much in directX. But what I did is the following, get the directx sdk, look at it read the doc.
in parralell use delphiX, because the name of the properties and the methods are the same. delphiX does the ugly job for you by giving you some some objects.
anyway it's not easy. you have to invest a long time in that to make something out of it. Be patient.

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