TSeed looses Glyph

Hi, I know this component is probably bugged, but I would like to avoid changing

what happens is this : I use a TSpeed button with one image in it only

most of the time everything is fine, but from time to time, the component will simply forget it has an image to show and switches to transparent.

when I press the button, I will see the image alright, but when I release it again, the image disappears again.

does somebody have a simple answer to this question?

Regards, Marc
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
remember you can also use a tbevel and use a normal timage on top of it using the timages onclick events to act as button..
Is it possible your windows is out of resources?
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mhervaisAuthor Commented:
I tried but my computer already had the latest version of the common controls.

Is it the first time you hear about this one?
no heard of this type of problem several times,usually graphics cards stuff(like lowering from 32bit to 24 ,or lowering harware acceleration etc)can fix it or sometimes updating commctrl sorts it out..is the  "show icons in all possible colors" setting checked in your windows?
how many colors does the icon(glyph)have,i mean try it with a glyph with less colors and see if there any improvement..its hard to point a finger to definite solution on this one.
mhervaisAuthor Commented:
So probably if I want it to be definitely stopped, I will have to use another class of buttons no? or to make mine myself with some images

Anything to recommend?
well i am presuming you are using a imagelist for the glyph,(this is most likely whats causing the problem),so i would first try setting the glyph to a file(local on harddisk)and get rid of imagelist to see if it stops the error.
even try using a differetn image with less colors to check if that helps.

mhervaisAuthor Commented:
Well actually, I set the image during design mode by clicking on the glyph property.

Then I saw a property editor in which I loaded the image from a file.

I guess than then the image is stored by the form.

I think that instead I could load it from stream (I have a database) or from a file from time to time. It would reduce the duration of the problem.

But is this not a more complicated solution than simply change of component?
what about using normal tbutton ;-)
or some other button from torrys or dsp
i generally use other components from standard simply for better looks..i dont think ive ever actually used tspeedbutton andn rarely use tbutton except for testing e.e stuff.
mhervaisAuthor Commented:
I want an image in it

It is probably what I will have to do although I wanted to avoid it
mhervaisAuthor Commented:
thanks Barry. I really forgot about this one

regards, Marc
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