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My question is how do you remove the underline from a hyperlink in Frontpage...  I understand that in html code you can use   style="TEXT-DECORATION:  none"   and you could also incorporated that into a style sheet,  but is there some type of hyperlink properties that I can click on in Front Page 'normal mode'  to get Front Page to put that in the code for me.

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djesseeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
man...this has gotten long :)

Yes, the key to this is the:
text-decoration: none

The problem is that FrontPage does not have an intrinsic button, checkbox or other user interface for this  Not in 2000, 98, 97 or 1.1 (I used 1.1 it was scarry :)

so, in answer to your question,"is there some type of hyperlink properties that I can click on in Front Page 'normal mode'  to get Front Page to put that in the code for me. " the answer is no.  Wish I could tell you differently.

FrontPage won't do that for you, I'm afraid.  You will need to key it in for each hyperlink:


<p><a href="TEST.htm" style="TEXT-DECORATION:  none"><font color="#FF0000"
this is a test</font></p>


cookmysterAuthor Commented:
Well, yeah I knew that part.... so you didn't answer my question...
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Then why did you post?  I guess you need to contact Microsoft and request this additional function.  Ya know, the software doesn't do everything for you.
If you have FrontPage 2000, this is how you do it:

1) Create the hyperlink (unless it already exists :)

2) place your cursur over the hyperlink or highlight it ...

3) right click and select "Hyperlink Properties".

4) In the lower-left  corner of the Hyperlink Properties dialog box is a button that says "style", click it

Here you can set this attribute for the hyperlink.
Ok, nevermind all that, I just tryed it and it doesn't work ...

I think your best option is to create a stylesheet and link to it.

Some advise on netscape:

Netscape does support sytlesheets and inline styles but DO NOT MIX them.  The Inline styles will take charge in Internet Explorer, but it may confuse Netscape (Don't ask me why this is).

Format for a stylesheet

a:link     { text-decoration: none }
a:hover    { text-decoration: underline }
a:active   { text-decoration: none; Font-weight: bold }
a:visited  { text-decoration: none }

place this link in the head of all pages that reference it.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="fullpathtostylesheet.css">

you can play with these sheets to get the effects you like.

Best of luck.

I wish FrontPage had something built in to handle this quickly.
cookmysterAuthor Commented:
What version???  You can do that in 2000....
You don't even need to have FP2000 for that.  You can do it in FP98 as well.  Just click on the Style Button when you create or modify l hyperlink and you can choose from the drop-down under the text-tab.  Try it!!

FG, Peter.
cookmysterAuthor Commented:
I am not using Front Page 98.. I am using Front Page 2000

If you are using a Theme on the page, you could try Modifying it.

When you choose to modify the text of a theme, you can select More Text Syles, then under the List box of the Style Dialog choose All HTML Tags.  Then choose modify and alter the desired tag format.

Just a thought.

djessee is correct ... afraid I have to agree.
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