Exposing UserControl's Constituent Ctrl Property

Posted on 2000-04-06
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
Please help.  I am on a tight timeline (as always!!).  I really need some URGENT help.

I have created a user control(UC) with some text boxes.  In another project, I have a form (form1) with a datarepeater (drptAll) that is using the UC I made as its RepeatedControlName with a adodc (adoTP).  Now when the user enters info in the drptAll in 3 of the UC text boxes (year, month, day), I would like to update the 4th UC text box (TPVal) with a calculation based on the 1st 3 fields.  I am using the Let, Get, and Changed (PropertyChanged) procedures in my UC.

In my project, I have the datarepeater
I am a complete novice to building usercontrols etc. so you will have to explain some things.  I tried to do it from the UC but nothing happened.  Should I be doing it from my form1?  If so, where is the "Changed" property of my fields and how do I use it?  Here is my UC code:
Public Property Get Yr() As String
    Yr = txtYr.Text
End Property

Public Property Let Yr(ByVal newYear As String)
    txtYr.Text = newYear
End Property

Public Property Get Mnth() As String
    Mnth = txtMon.Text
End Property

Public Property Let Mnth(ByVal newMonth As String)
    txtMon.Text = newMonth
End Property

Public Property Get Dy() As String
    Dy = txtDay.Text
End Property

Public Property Let Dy(ByVal newDay As String)
    txtDay.Text = newDay
End Property

Public Property Get TPVal() As String
'    TPVal = txtTPVal.Text
    TPVal = (CInt(txtYr.Text) * 12) + (CInt(txtMon.Text)) + (CInt(txtDay.Text) / 31)
End Property

Public Property Let TPVal(ByVal newTPVal As String)
    txtTPVal.Text = newTPVal
End Property


Thanks in advance.
Question by:mcb123

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Please help - I really am desperate!!!

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It looks like you're trying to do both class based (e.g., ActiveX control/exe/dll) and "user control" at the same time.  If you are just using a user control with the text boxes you defined, try using the following code instead:


Private Sub txtMon_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub txtYr_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub txtDay_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub SetTPVal()
    txtTPVal.Text = (Val(txtYr.Text) * 12) + Val(txtMon.Text) + (Val(txtDay.Text) / 31)
End Sub


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