Changing date and attributes of W98 folders

How can I change the date of a folder in W98?  Is there a way to
change the attributes also?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
First make sure that you can view all files including hidden files.  You can do this as follows:

folder options

There you can update to show all files, including hidden files.

I've frequently modified files, folders, etc. but want to add caution here, since some folders should not be modified; can have bad impact on your system and functionality.  What is the folder you wish to change?  AND .... are you one of multiple users or on a network?  You must also, if that's the case, be authorized to modify.

By right clicking any file or folder and selecting properties, then general you'll have the option to modify attributes.  

As regards file date of the folder, expound please as to which folder you're trying to modify the date on and why; perhaps more options exist.  If not a critical system folder, you may opt to rename it, create a whole new one and then move your data contents (if not applications) to the new folder which now carries a new date; the date you created it.
set your folder view to allow viewing of attributes and you can change them. As for the date, any good Touch program should work.
I hope thishelps.
tea309Author Commented:
Neither of the above is a valid answer.  
W98 does not allow modification of a FOLDER date by changing
attributes.  If I could change the D attribute a might be able to
change the date with a touch utility.  I have found no way to
change a folder date in W98.
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tea309Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 200 to 400
tea309Author Commented:
All 3 of the above do not allow changing the date of a FOLDER
in W98.  Attribute Changer comes closest but does not
change FOLDER dates in W98, only in NT.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
That was why I had recommended the only recourse I could think of and that was to create a new folder and move contents (assuming it isn't a system folder with edits/checks, etc. on date fields).
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
So, in Windows 98, in answer to your question initially posted and my initial response .... no there isn't a way to change the folder's date.

I've researched this before for a family member with similar goal and checked back with him.  He also explored further only to find no such options for Windows 98 or W98 Second Edition.  

WHY CHANGE IT?  Was what I asked him initially and he just wanted to maintain a logical flow for control purposes.  Why were you trying to change the date the folder was created?    .... OR .... are you trying to change the Modified date?

PS.... you mentioned that our "COMMENTS" were "NOT VALID ANSWERS" ... no one posted any answers did they?  Furthermore, as was my case, I responded to your TWO QUESTIONS; you did ask about changing attributes as well as date.

I am outa here!

yes there is, I saw this in a thread a few weeks ago, checked out the answer and it was good.  Give me some time and I'll find it for ya!  If some one else gets it first, so be it.

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tea309Author Commented:
This is the only way I have seen to change the date of a folder.
I've had many suggestions on how to do it but none of the
suggestions were correct.  
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