WebBrowser documentaation and example source

I'm writing my own Web browser with full IE capabilities. I don't want use the IE, only the WebBrowser component. Need advices and answers on the following questions:

1. What is the difference between TWebBrowser in Delphi 5 and IE WebBrowser (V and V1) ActiveX components?
2. How to use the IE WebBrowser component without distributing it (it's present on alnost every client computer)?
3. Do u know any location where to find the full documentation for IE WebBrowser component with(out) source code examples in off-line (not the MS on-line ones)?

I'm ready to increase the points for full advices.
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Here's some grat stuff to get you started:


1-not much difference, the latest import some function only found in ie5.X
2-what do you mean ?, anyway you always need internet explorer to be installed.
3-simonet is right, go there. They component import much more function then webbrowser, even if they work on the same controls. They do much more work for you. Use those, but it's a work in progress...
hhamsterProgramerAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 20 to 25
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>>I don't want use the IE, only the WebBrowser component

mmm..that could be quite difficult ;o)

well simonet has  certainly gave best link but also see:


and maybe
hhamsterProgramerAuthor Commented:
It look interesting and enough saying about all my wonderings.
hhamsterProgramerAuthor Commented:
I'm wondering why only 2 points. I was offering 25.
If I have done something wrong, simonet, i'll refound it. Just tell me. The documentation about this site is too short, i dont understand all the possibilities yet.
Btw, where can i read everithing about the points system?
Everything is right, fellow, thanks!

This is how it works:

When you grade a question, the expert who answered it gets the amount of points of the question times the grade you gave (A=4; B=3; C=2).

Then, if anyone else (who didn't take part on the thread) wants to read the contents of the thread, that user has to "pay" 10% of the original amount of points of the question. EE always rounds the 10% to the nearest lower whole number.

So, your question was worth 25pts and is now graded (in the PAQ). 10% of 25 round to the lower nearest whole number is 2. Therefore, if anyone other than those who took part in this thread wants to read it, he/she will have to pay 2 points.

I looked at EE for some place where this was explained, but sadly I didn't find anything. The closest thing I found was:




hhamsterProgramerAuthor Commented:
thanks u2
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