Motorola Sm56 PCI drivers

Where can I find these files?


They are not at any motorolas pages.
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Happygee99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I personaly using Motorola 56K PCI Internal modem I know exactly what your proble is.  Now What you should do is just make a folder called Motorola,and inside make one more folder name it Motset95 now extract all your driver related files in this directory and execute the sm56set.exe

Notes: If you having problem finding your modems driver please try the following web site address. Please use the webpage as a reference. I wish its help. Have a nice day.
here's the driver links for each type of that modem.  let me know if they don't give you those files. (and what is requesting them)


SM56 AC-L (AC Link) Software Modem

SM56 Software Modem ISA

SM56 PCI Software Modem
are you trying to use this under win2K
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You may also want to try They are the ones that acually made the drivers for the Motorola sm 56k modems.   Hope this helps
hylander, what's your status?
Who have driver for "Motorola 56K PCI Internal modem" driver. and i still use "Motorola 56K Speakerphone modem"(really so (Edited by Computer101))now, but it always hang up my windows, so i hope you send a "Motorola 56K PCI Internal modem" driver to me, because i have goto Motorola homepage find the "Motorola 56K PCI Internal modem" driver, but it no in there, please send a drive to me! I really need it!

p/s: my email-address =

Thanx For Your Help!

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