where are in registry all password that I use(at computer and on internet)?
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mkepkaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your Windows passwords are in .PWL files in the Windows directory.  You can't view them but you can delete them to reset your password.  The DUN password (which is what I assume you mean by "internet" password) is in the DUN connectoid and can be deleted at any time but it is encrypted so you can't look at it.
typically, an easy question is awarded 50 points.  when you get into the registry, you go right past easy and your question would require some research.  

I will tell you this.  You will not find all the passwords in one place and actually might not find the actual password at all.

In the registry, you will find configuration settings which control options like "save password" or "do not require password" functions and then references to the password file such as the .pwl files for windows logon.
how does that answer the proposed question?
The question was where the passwords are located in the registry.  They're not in the registry.  They are in separate files.  Thats all the question asked so thats all that was answered.
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