input box does not appear in NN

I have some html that works with IE5 , but not NN 4.72
The problem is that the text input box does not appear in NN.
Can someone tell me what is wrong?

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
 <input id="textField" type="TEXT" name="textField" value="" size=10 maxlength=10>
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hkmdjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Netscape requires the use of a form tag around any input.  Change it to be:

<form name="myform">
<input id="textField" type="TEXT" name="textField" value="" size=10 maxlength=10>

Also, if this doesn't work in Netscape, place the form tags outside of the table.

I know Netscape desires the tags for the input.

David Johnson
You are missing the tr and td tags for the table... You put those in and it should work...

<td><form name="myform">
<input id="textField" type="TEXT" name="textField" value="" size=10 maxlength=10></td>


I've seen a page that's missing a text field in NS only, I've looked at the source several times, and it is as it should be, so maybe this problem is a little more complex than it appears at a first glance.
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yes hkmdj is correct, NS need a form tag !
you can just change the <table> tag to <form> tag
is the most simple way too !!
omomAuthor Commented:
You are correct!

Which would be better:
1. Use one pair <form>...</form> for everything
2. Use a pair of  <form>...</form> for each input

Lock if you want the points.
One pair of form tags for everything should do it.  It would depend on what your form is doing for you.  There are two important attributes to the form tag, they are method and action.  More often than not, the method is post and the action is the name of the page to post the info to.

I would still throw some <tr><td></td></tr> tags in there to keep your code clean for IE and NN.

Have a great night!
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