friends send attachments, but if they
are AOL friends, I can only open up 5%
of them..I have Outlook Express...they
can receive mine but I can not receive
the majority of theirs!!
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sorgieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I second nfroio motion!!!!

Tell your friend to switch to a real ISP
--------------------->Friends don't let friends use AOL.<-----------------------------

So, what is your question? Why? More than likely just that their mail servers are overworked, and atttachments slow down their network. Things happen, anything that you can do about it? Probably not, other than stop sending attachments to AOL, have your friends who use AOL, sign up with a real ISP, and then they will have a more reliable e-mail server to receive your attachments.

EMLs?  Same problem here. I have asked my Aol friends and they aren't able to find out why I can see some and not others. But I am glad you asked so I can find out too if someone knows.
I agree with nfroio and sorgie...get rid of AOL .... but since there are still people out there using it....

I have the same problem accessing mail using my Outlook 2000 from people on AOL.  The message [can't display image] is the most common.

Anybody have any answer....I already checked with MS and they have no answer
I have the same problem with Outlook 98 and sometimes with Outlook Express.
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