UnZip/Zip VCL/DLL w. Password support

im looking for some component/header for unzipping files with Passwords aka i know i need the password, Native code or using dll dont matter..
Freeware that is...

Also IF any avalible for Zipping w. Password aka same encryption as used by WinZIP 7+

anyhow.. i just need the Unzip part for now.
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winneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a Freeware component called ZipMaster by Chris Vleghert. It kan do anything with a zipfile, including password encryption. Check his homepage at: http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/Vleghert/

Perhaps this one is interesting?


Regards, Madshi.
brainwareAuthor Commented:
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brainwareAuthor Commented:
Madshi: files does not exist..

i found a ZipMaster on a old backup cd... since every danm site is down, invalid or whatever right now..

anyhow,. i cant seam to make it stop crashing.
im trying to do a small loop to try a list of passwords but get access vialation sometimes or it only extracts data in some of the files from ZIP..

problem is i work with a lot of old/new zips with passwords that i do know, just not what zip it was for hehe.. so i want to integrate a tiny 'wordlist' hacker to my Dev-Database to make life more easy for me :)

dunno if you would mind mailing new Ver for D3.. + small Pass attacker..

i cant seam to find any site that works for me right now :(((

The site I gave you earlier works fine, tried it then and tried it again now.
I have mailed you the latest version of the component, but I cannot give you any D3 projects, since I only use Delphi 5.
With Zipmaster it's very easy to set the zipfile and password and then Unpack it, I have never tried it with passwords but I guess that if the password is incorrect it cannot extract the file and just skip that file.
brainwareAuthor Commented:
Well D3 / D5 dont matter.. 99,9% the same :)

anyhow.. problem is weird, sometimes it works sometimes it dont... try make a zip with password like 1291 and make delphi app try password from 0 to 1400
aka "Integer" but used as String.. :))

i need to 1. Find out if password worked, if TRUE well Extract to dir....

ill try again with the new you mailed me..

brainwareAuthor Commented:
hmm this zip stuff really don't like me hehe.. last time i worked with zip's in coding was like back at pkzip 1.x or start of 2.x - BBS days :))

well ill play a little more with it, but if you have the time and can make it do this let me know :)

PS: No crashes anymore "new version".
Working on it...
Here's a small working procedure.Place
ZipMaster, a Button and a Label on the form.


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
Var i : integer;

     For i:=1000 to 2000 do

I made a small zipfile on c:\ with the password '1234', and this works.
If you want a faster function that quits when it finds the correct password use the OnPasswordError event.

If you want to hack passwords in zipfiles there's already some programs for that on the Net, search on Altavista or something.
brainwareAuthor Commented:
i dont want to hack passwords, well for a few yeah.. but i know parts of the mask already.. my own passwords :)

Thanks... i also pretty much managed to make it work.. aka just working on the part to make it try a list of pw's and stop when it worked...
>> Madshi: files does not exist..

What do you mean? (The link *is* valid.)
brainwareAuthor Commented:
Madshi: url works, but not links to files stored at CDROM.COM and such.

winne: have no idea why, but now i cant even get it to UnZip a Passw protected file anymore... tryed to reboot etc, didnt help.. was afraid mabye i had ****ed up somthing :)

oh well.. off to a birthday party, ill play with it again when i get home...
wierd... if it worked before why would it stop working...
Make sure that you have a copy of the dll:s in the directory of your program or in c:\windows\system, they are required...
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