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I have a new computer on order.  I want to be able to transfer a large amount of data from my old one to the new one.  I have an older DOS based program called FastLynx v2.0 that I've used in the past, but it doesn't recognize the long-filenames and cuts everything down to 8.3  Is there a program that's not going to cost a bundle just for 2 hours worth of use?  OR, can someone give me detailed instructions for Direct Cable Connection?  I've tried DCC before, and set up the host and client PCs respectively...set the file sharing on the host and even had them tell me they're connected, but when I look in the Network Neighborhood, they don't see each other.  I'm using the parallel cable that came with FastLynx, so that might be a problem, but I figure they wouldn't even connect if the cable was the problem.  I was using LPT1 on both machines.  My new computer won't be in for about a week or two, but if I need to get software, I wanted to give myself some time so I'll be ready.  Thanks in advance (mpurnell)
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Well, if it's not a labtop, I'd just rip the hard drive outa the old one and slave it to the new one, and then put it back after copy is done.

What OS are they using?
The big question is, do you want a permanent connection, or is it just to transfer the data once?
mpurnellAuthor Commented:
I just want to transfer the data to the new computer.  Nothing permanent.
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If it is just once, Atreus is right, just make it master and slave, and copy the data. If you want to use it more often (permanently), the best thing you can do is buy two NIC's and some cable, and make it a Peer To Peer network.

If both are using Win9x, then it should be pretty straightforward.  Connect the cable between the two.  The cable needs to be a null-modem cable, meaning the wires cross between the two computers.  A straight through serial cable will not work.

In Windows, make sure you have Direct Cable Connection installed.  If it's not in your Start Menu under Programs>Accessories somewhere, you can add it through the Windows Setup tab of the Add/Remove Software applet in Control Panel.  Once both have the software installed and are hooked up, you should be able to run the Direct Cable Connection program to allow file transfer.  You won't need any third party software to do this.

If you don't have Win9x on the old machine, then Atreus is right...slave the drive in and do a manual copy in Windows.  This would actually probably take even less time to do than setting up the direct cable connection anyway.
If you need help, installing the harddrive in you new computer, just say so, and well talk you thrue it..

mpurnellAuthor Commented:
OK, dumb question...Is Atreus a software utility?  And if so, any ideas on where to get it?  Thanks.
With DCC goto [control panel][network][identification], make sure the pcs have different PC names but the same workgroup name. After you can see your PCs in network neighboorhood be sure to open explorer, right click on the drive you want to share and enable it for shareing. I'm not sure if DCC will work with the cable you have now. I tried the old dos interlnk cable and It connected me but I was unable to transfer files. I went to an electronics store and asked for a cable that worked with DCC. Best Buy's price was $25 but I found it for $8 at Altex Electronics. Try your cable before you buy another one.
mpurnellAuthor Commented:
Oops, just noticed Atreus' comment.  Didn't see that the first time around.  Duh!  Anyway, I've never attempted that type of thing.  With the newer bios' should it be detected automatically as a secondary HD?  or is there something special I'll need to do to accomplish that?
I had never had a whole lot of luck doing a complete copy of Winxx stuff until I received Powerquest DiskCopy with a new hard drive I purchased.  I believe the program is available for $40 or less and it makes a mirrored copy of a smaller hard drive to a larger one.  The only catch is that you will need both hard drives in one machine, but you can then put it back in the other machine and fire it up.
direct cableconnction with parallel port then you would have to set up the direct connection.
to set up direct connection:
1 go into add/remove programs
2 Windows setup
3 communications
when you get into communications you make sure the bow with direct connection is checkmarked.(it has an icon beside it with 2 computers)
then you go into network neighbourhood
  This is where you set up the workgroup.(Both computers have to be a member of the same workgroup to see each other)Computer names should be different
  then you have to allow access to the files on the computer you are sharing from. Go to the workstation and download files.

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you can also get 2 nic cards and a cable. Make sure its the right cable
if you are using a hub its twisted pair cable but if you are not using a hub you have to use cross over twisted pair to hook the 2 computers
make sure (file and printer sharing) is configured on the network computer you are getting the files from. This is done in configuring a network adapter as well as use netbeui for a protocol.
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