Frogger 3d Reservoir Frogs level hint


 I am on the Reservoir Frogs level for Frogger CD for WIN 95. How do you pick up the orange frog on this level?
This frog is on the slimy sewer pipes level.  I can see the frog but I cant seem
to get to it.

Any solution or hints?
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sgentherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know on the one slimy pipe levels, The last in that series, you needed to super jump all the way up the inclined pipes to get the last frog. It was hard as hell but you had to keep pressing forward and super hopping to get up there, half the time I would almost be at the top, pause jumping for a second...and slide all the way back down! Its a bitch but keep at it.
Let me know if I have the right level, but I think thats the one your talking about.
Ralph033000Author Commented:
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Ralph033000Author Commented:
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what game??
Ralph033000Author Commented:
Frogger 95 for Windows.  Made by Hasbro Interactive
Ralph033000Author Commented:
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try there i think i saw frogger there
Ralph033000Author Commented:
Thanks, Clefairy.  However these are cheat codes and I know about these already.  What I would like are more level specific hints.
Ralph033000Author Commented:
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Please explain in detail...I have finished this level but I am having trouble remembering what frog and where, please be as descriptive as possible about what the level looks like.
Ralph033000Author Commented:
Ok, Sgenther.  I will try your solution and see if that works.  I will let you know in a couple of days.

* How to avoid those bees! Hide behind stumps. Don't try and outrun them - they're fast! Finally, use the powerups wisely.

* Keep running out of lives? Replay a level you're good at to build your lives up.

* Can't find the baby frogs? Croak, and listen carefully for the reply. The louder it is, the closer you are.

* Don't forget that when Frogger hops, momentum will affect him in the air. If you are jumping around on fast moving objects, make sure you jump early otherwise you'll travel past what you're trying to hop onto.

* Remember that your superhop gives you a few extra seconds of 'hang time'. This can be useful for hopping over fast moving objects such as mowers and cars.

* If you're stuck on a level, try watching the demo mode; it might give you a few ideas on how to approach the levels.

* Learn your baby frog positions. Once you know where all of the baby frogs are on each level, your task will become easier.

* Although the game may appear daunting at first, remember that Frogger's opponents all have patterns and the best way to beat the game is to learn those patterns. For example, once you know where the boulders bounce on Desert 2, climbing the slopes will be much easier....

* Learn the way the balloons move on the Sky levels but remember, they can only support Froggers weight for a short amount of time before they hop.....

* Know your friendly birds. There are some birds which will always give you a helping hand, no matter what level you are on.

Maybe you should use that birds thing, or look at the demo or try using that 'superhop' or whatever....
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