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For astaec -- 10324559

WIN98 Startup menu.
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Asta CuCommented:
Good morning.

Here was my contribution/participation in this question.  

This is not normal, and occurs when there are problems; conflicts to allow you to boot in SAFE MODE among others, which is where I'd start to ensure that device manager doesn't show erroneous or duplicate devices.  Remove all occurrences of duplicates, and errors and unknown devices.  I'd also do this before rebooting ..... and letting Windows find/fix rediscover your setup if you had to remove errors from device manager.  Start-run-msconfig and uncheck anything in the autoexec,config, INI file boot and load sections and anything else you don't need in the start-up menu items to see if the culprit can be isolated.    

It may help to expedite the process if you advise why you had to reinstall;  and any types of changes you implemented.

The one time I had a similar experience, it followed some WIndowsProtection error and had to check for many things some of which include (some folks therefore, just opt to rename their config.sys and autoexec.bat file or bypass at startup to test) ... or,
A real-mode driver and a protected-mode driver are in conflict.
The registry is damaged.
The Win.com or Command.com file is infected with a virus or is damaged.
A driver is being loaded from the System.ini file for which a protected-mode driver has already been initialized.
There is a physical I/O or RAM address conflict.
There are incorrect CMOS settings for a built-in peripheral device (such as cache settings, CPU timing, hard disks, and so on).
The Plug and Play feature of the computer's BIOS is not working correctly.
The computer contains a malfunctioning system cache or memory.
The computer's motherboard is not working properly.
Thank you very much, JimCaraway.

Since we still don't have the option to split these directly, I've created this Question in the Customer Support area to help facilitate your choice with a link to this question.  They're usually very good at handling point splits and/or providing direction on the process.  I've seen point splits handled differently through time, so didn't want to state an old piece of information here.

I loved working in DOS also, always knew what I'd see next; not the case in these innovative times of 'end user flexibility' and the more complex environments.
Some start-up loads are important, such as the power-related items in msconfig and others, depending on your needs.  If you'd like some links, let me know.  I find this one about MSINFO32 and all those tools within quite useful.


Description of Microsoft System Information (Msinfo32.exe) Tool.


I've never had nor heard of your bad-news experience before resulting from a scanreg/fix operation.  If I were in your shoes, I'd make sure to run a current, updated, virsucan program (just in case).    

Hopes for a great weekend,



P.S.  Windows 98 has some great tools, aside from the MSINFO32 tool with all the additional modules under the Tools submenu, I've just used this file to run some diagnostics on one of my problem systems.  Start-run-hwinfo /ui
which then color codes the analyses for you.  Interesting stuff.

This link explains its use further:

JimCarawayAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 200
JimCarawayAuthor Commented:
Hi Asta. I hope I distributed the points OK.  I think the method is kinda left-handed, but "oh, well."

You said you liked to work in DOS. You might help me with a minor project. It's been so long I'm real rusty on Debug.com. I want to create a short program that I can run to send a "form-feed" to my printer on LPT1. I do things like this quite often:

C:\>DIR  > PRN

But, my printer (HP882C) doesn't have a FF button per se, and I have to fiddle with the buttons to eject the page. My path points to C:\ (root), where I'd like a FF.COM program to eject the page. I've seen one of these but it's been years and years. Any thoughts? Thanks. I've raised the points to 200 anticipating your answer.
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Asta CuCommented:
Thanks, Jim.

Sorry to be out of pocket (so to speak), have had my systems all over the floor and upgrading .... you probably know where I am with scsi cables for hair.  This gal's redone her systems in so many ways trying to make existing resources work it's unbelievable.

At any rate, I'm unfamiliar with this printer, and wish to do some research on your behalf to earn this additional increment.  I also don't know this printer, but will check see.

My first inclination, though, is to say that what you're printing is doing a direct DOS print without a page eject parameter.  For example, regardless of the printer I use...

If I exit to DOS mode from W98, and want to test my whatever printer, I'll do something like this (LPT1 is my port):

At the C:\ (root directory prompt),
type ...

type config.sys > lpt1

Which will create a printout of my config.sys contents to my printer assigned to the LPT1 port.  It won't eject; since there aren't any parameters included.

Is this what you're talking about totally ejecting via SW or command?

Sorry if I'm dense this day, this gal's been doing much troubleshooting and little sleep.

Listening further when I can, I've just managed to completely cripple my SCSI system, so have some major todos.

Asta CuCommented:
Hello again, Jim.

Regarding your comment of "Hi Asta. I hope I distributed the points OK.  I think the method is kinda left-handed, but "oh, well."  "

I so agree, and have participated quite frequently in the Customer support and Suggestion area to ask for improvements. Like you, I'm a client who came here for help and found it and since have tried providing help to others.  It's quite frustrating to have meaningful results posted by more than one person and not having the direct impact of splitting points.

Having only joined fairly recently ('98), I've been quite vocal at expressing the needs for POINT SPLITTING, and believe it'll happen when programming effort can create.

It would be wonderful to be able to take your full pot of gold and dole it out to the participants directly.  I believe it will come soon.

Back to my own problems, and listening for more.



Asta CuCommented:
BTW, I've checked the HP site, to no avail about getting info in it and its drivers, etc... relative to our OS and your question.

Perhaps if you say exactly what you wish to do within DOS ... is it only the formfeed command?, I can narrow it down.


JimCarawayAuthor Commented:
Best I remember, using debug you can create a BB.com program which will send a form feed character (012 or OChex) to port LPT1. The program isn't more than four or five lines long. It's on one of my antique 5-1/4" disks somewhere, but I can't read anyway since I threw out the 5-1/4" drive long ago. Maybe some kind soul reading this will respond.

P.S. I know what you mean about system problems. I'm always in trouble, but somehow keep going. Good luck. Jim.
Asta CuCommented:
You should find the debug.exe in your windows\command directory, Jim.

I'm in the throes of system crash, so need your good luck wish.



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