how to erase programs from control panel

sometimes there are programs which are not correctly removed from win98 and stay in the list (control panel -add-remove programs). Is there a way to remove them from there?

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PLansdowneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TweakUI will do what you desire, or you can use the Registry Editor.

Go to Run and type Regedit.

Go to the following key:


Below you will see a list of keys, each one corresponding to an item on your Add\Remove program list.  Simply delete the appropriate key and you're all set.
I use an excellent program called AddRemove 4 good
It is only about 400 bytes & I think mine came on an APC magazine CD.
Essentially it tries to uninstall a program & even if unsuccessful asks if you would like the reference removed from your add remove programs listing.
Try going to & doing a search for it.
Asta CuCommented:
Items in the Control Panel have a .cpl extension.

Normal uninstallation activities "should" remove all elements unless they are tagged as shared components.

Which item(s) are you having problems with and/or are you trying to delete?

I find that in some instances if an installation program fails, then the uninstall isn't available either.  Also, some software just doesn't adhere to the standards and makes uninstall a manual mess.

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Sorry about the previous address (should be without the au on the end)

Anyway I went there & their site is under construction in some search areas so I found the above link. They have a limited time trial version available for downloading.
astaec is right.  Sometimes Uninstall programs leave the .cpl programs in your \windows directory even though all other programs have been removed.  If you feel comfortable enough, delete the *.cpl that is in question.  If you just don't want to see it, install TweakUI from your Windows CD ROM.  On the tab called Control Panel, click off the icon you don't want to see.
pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
everybody helped, but he told me how to do it using the registry and that was what i was looking for.

Asta CuCommented:
Glad you're smiling; happy to have helped in part anyway.


Thanks to all on this one. I learnt something from each & isn't that what it's all about ?
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