i have a problem with request.servervariable("HTTP_REFERER")
when i run it it does not show any data
i am using PWS on win98 machine.

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i think that this only has something in if the script has been called form another page . if you type the url in the location bar it will probably be blank. or if the calling page is the samepage as the script.

try putting a link in a html page to your script..
HTTP_REFERER will return useful data if
Page where You ask for that variable navigated by link, exmpl, You have link:
<A HREF="checkreferer.asp">Check Referer</A>. After click on you can obtain it. Also it will return REFERER if use checkreferer.asp in frames. If REFERER return nothing then that's mean page URL have been directly wrotten in address field of browser. Also in some cases Netscape and Explorer have different behavoir.
eeemmm i just said that....
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Also if You use <FORM></FORM> REFERER available...
marounkAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 20 to 30
marounkAuthor Commented:
what i am getting is now the url of the iframe link.

what i have is an <iframe> in which there is a link that calls an images to be displayed each time so when i click on the image i get the url that calls the image which is in the iframe but i want is the URL of the main page

let us say i am in
and inside it i have this code
when i click i want the what i am getting is the "http://....."
any ideas ???
are you getting the base url in the http_referer of the frame or the frameset ?..

i dont know how http_referer behaves when you are in a frame.

marounkAuthor Commented:
of the frame there is no frameset
thats right then .. thats what you should have in the http_referer.

if the link is in a frame thats url is

then you should have that in http_referer
marounkAuthor Commented:
ok but this not what i want ... i want the page URL !!!!!
what the url of the page that has been called.....

i.e. if i call

you want
in a http variable...

marounkAuthor Commented:

Request.ServerVariables("URL") for the base url

SCRIPT_NAME for the script name and the virtual dir


url = Request.ServerVariables("URL")&Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")

will give you you full url

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sorry i mean

that wont give you the 'http://' bit
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