Yamaha 4416E Burner

Hello, I have an internal yamaha 4416E burner that is hooked up to my computer.  My computer is a Dell Dimension XPS Pro200n with following stats:
Pentium Pro 200
2 HD - plenty of free space on both hd's (1gig on 1, and 500 mb on the other)
2 CD Players (1-52 TrueX (WHICH DOESNT READ AT 52X) and 1 yamaha 4416 IDE burner) [4x4x16]
Running WindowsNT
Using Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 cdr software
Using PNY CDR media (700MB, 80 min)

Background info: The only successful burn on PNY media was at 4x!  The rest have failed for no apparent reason...no buffer underruns (only burning software running when burning), and I have tried burning at 1x, 2x.  I've also tried burning only 30 megs on the cd to see if it's because the software doesn't recognize the cdr media to be 700mb instead of 650.

Options When I burn:
tried 1x, 2x,4x.
disc session at once ...(close/seal the cd each and every time).

I'm having a problem with this burner burning onto PNY CDR-Media (700MB, 80 min). I'm just trying to burn data.  I would consider this media to be total CRAP and incompatible with my burner, but out of all my burns so far, only 1 has been successful.  I don't know if it's because that one cdr was somehow "lucky" compared to the rest of the coasters or if my burner is at fault here.  (As in the burner went to craps after that VERY FIRST burn w/ this media).  I guess the true way to tell if it's my media or burner is to find another media that I've burned successfully with before and see if it burns ..I'll do that when I have some extra cash to waste on buying more cdr media.

In anycase, here's what's on my mind.  Firstly, the damn software says that the burn is "successful", but when I try to read from the media, i always get a "device not ready"...so I stick the media in a friend's computer, same results...except his computer freezes.  When I look at the failed burns, I notice that the "burn" marks are pretty faint..but you can see them there.  I compare the failed burns to my ONE successful burn and the succesful burn shows the "burn" marks pretty well...it's a nice deep color.  The failed ones are "shallow" in color.  Do you guys think it's the media, or just the burner went to crap?  Why would it burn successfully on that one cdr but not on the others.  Points go to the answer with most thought ...I'm not interested in one statement answers such as "it's your burner, return it to yamaha"..............................I'm seeking info for this question rather than an answer..because only i can find the real answer and that's using other media to test the burner.  Thanks in advance.
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Glad you got it figured out.  Thanks for the points.
This sounds to me like it could be 2 things.  One the burner and another the media.  I would first suspect the media, since you say you didn't have the problems with other media.  I would be weary of buying super cheap media...I have before and got burned.  The best way to test your burner is just to try to burn on decent media, something that you're familiar with.  There are also software utilities that can test your cdr.  Does the cdr read cds fine?  If it doesn't, it could mean that it's starting to go
There's nothing worse than getting burned by a burner. : ) Seriously, you gave the best answer yourself: get other media and try it. But media incompatibilities are legend when it comes to CD-writers. I go for the ones that are as close to silver as I can get. (Memorex extended work well for me.) Also, make sure you have all the software updates installed. The extended CD format is difficult for some systems and you might try 650s and see what your success rate is there.
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As other people have mentioned CDR Media icompatibility happens a lot.  Usually, when I find a brand that is right for my drive and cheap I stick with it.  The incompatibility is usually due to the calibration of the laser of the CDR units in regards to the media.  If the calibration does not match the color of the media, you can have the laser getting reflected off the cdr's surface and creating coasters.

My guess is that your problem is probably media one.  There is a great unofficial Yamaha Info site at http://www.yamahacdrwinfo.com/cdrmedia.htm that mentions some of the best brands of media for the 4416 (Scroll down towards the bottom).  The PNY media is not listed on this page, but often times one company will basically just resell media that is made by another factory. There is a handy tool called CDR Identifier at http://www.gum.de/it/download/english.htm , this tool will tell you what factory the CDR was made at and what type of process was used.  With this information you might be able to find out which media on the list it is most like and see what results others have had.  Otherwise, I would just pick one of the media's that is listed as Quality = Good, taking price into consideration of course.  I personally have had good experience with the Veratim and Sony cds with my 4416SX.  Also having done technical support for Adaptec, I found that any media from the "Taiyo Yuden" factory seems to consistently do very well with almost any drive.

mrquijaAuthor Commented:
Dovcamp, out of the 3 responses, I will be awarding you the points (please repost as answer).  Your pages were helpful.  In the end, one of your links led to another end of links that led to a yamaha message forum and someone posted a thread regarding "weak burns"...after reading it, it was exactly the same problem I was having.  His solution to the problem involved using a cotton swab and wiping the lens of the burner.  Well, I used a compressed air canister and slightly swabbed the lens as well and have successfully burned 4 cd's since then.  Thanks to everyone for your suggetsions/information.  It's greatly appreciated!

BTW, I also used a media identifier, and the manufacturer for the PNY still didn't show up on that list of bad/good/medium media.
mrquijaAuthor Commented:
Thanks again
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