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I have two separate isp accounts with 2 different isps. My problem is I keep getting disconnected at varying lengths of time on both isps. I have a program absolutley on line that is supposed to keep me on line but still get disconnected. I begin to suspect some kind of software problem with Win98. I appreciate your help...Thanks, Dick Liebo
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cooldudeandyleeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What did you do and what was the crash?  What string did you use and what happened???  Freezed pc or what???  Disabling flex should not crash your computer unless you used a init string not made for your specific modem.  I am almost 100% sure that disbling flex won't crash you pc!!!  Did you run a lot of programs while accessing your isp.  Winmodems are known to crash when using too many resources.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Go to Internet options (at control panel or open one IE5 browser). At the Connections, select the default Dial-up-networking of your ISP accounts, click the [Settings] button. At Dial-up settings, next to the right hand side of the password, click the [advanced] button. Unchecked the boxes for following lines.
[ ] Disconnect if idle for [20] minutes.
[ ] Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed
Click OK.
Repeat for the other ISP account.
Exit the Internet Options.
Restart the computer.

Let me know if it worked.    pslh
Are you using IE or Netscape.
Try using the another browser.
In IE there are a lot of settings, including some that disconnect you automatically.
Try netscape.
In addition.
run msconfig, and check out the startup Tab. disable all programs that are not essential.
Check the other Tabs as well and disable or change item that could affect connectivity.
In the control panel check the telephony and internet , configurations.
I hope this helps !
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update your modem driver.
if you can tell me what modem it is, I can direct you to the right place.
Try going to your modem properties under Control Panel. Under the Connection tab click the advanced button and under extra settings try adding the following line. AT&F  This will force your isp to recognize your modem.
Note: The connection speed will display the max speed capuble not the actual connection speed.
Ummmm How about dialing the number with a regular phone and listening for static on the phone line? Do you have static, clicks or problems when using this line for voice calls ever?

You can call the TELCO repair and say your having trouble to get them to test the line, before they hang up, ask if they found any trouble, then cancel the service call. You have to be off that line for them to test, so call from another phone, they WONT call you back. Call from a neighbors house or car phone.

How long till your disconnected? Is it always the same time frame? Is it a problem getting disconnected due to timeouts with your ISP or is it a connection problem?

What ISPs are we talking about? A nice big well known company or one of those FREE ISPs?

Going from what little info supplied, and assuming it is installed correctly and the current & proper driver for your modem & operating system is used. I would look torward your phone line quality. It is the #1 cause of problems described (Next to an inproper install of course)

Need More Info here......

I second pslh for this question.
lieboAuthor Commented:
Nothing has worked thus far that u have commented about
Nothing has been added to description of your problem "Thus Far" so we cannot help you till you explain to us what we have asked.
lieboAuthor Commented:
No telephone line problem...local isps...not free...one here and one in missouri..with local number here..have a second modem installed and different telephone line and still the same problem...Have Rockwell Modem and modem integrated into the motherboard...what else can I tell you...I run a lot of programs, microsoft, adobe, not many games...Thanks for your help..Dick Liebo
Does it always do this at around the same time? Is this a new modem? About when did this start? W95? W98? W98SE?
Are you using Windows Dialup to connect or the ISP software?

Must tell us about your computer, modem, operating system, when it happened, what you did last to it.

What exactlty happens when you get disconnected? Is there a disconect message? What has your ISP said about this problem?

As many details as you give us, will result in less questions we ask you, and a soone answer we can give you to take the guess work out of this.

First of all, your saying the modem is permenantly attached to the motherboard???  Or is it the modem came with the pc when you bought it???  I am thinking that you have a Winmodem or "software" modem that is 56K right???  Now, you must first find out what model the Rockwell modem is.
I have short list of Init strings for the modem.  I suggest you go to the Control Panel, then double-click the icon Modems.  Select the modem in the list, click on "properties", turn down the maximum speed to 57600, now click on the tab that says "Connection", click "advanced", in the dialog box that says "extra settings" try disabling 56k flex.  I am not sure what modem you have, but here are a few strings I found on a Rockwell driver site.  

      Rockwell based 56k V.90 (flex enabled)           +MS=12,1
      Rockwell based 56k V.90 (flex and V.34 disabled) +MS=12,1,34667,56000
      Rockwell based 56k flex only                     +MS=56,1
      Rockwell based 56k flex, disabled, V.34 only     +MS=11,0,9600,33600
      Rockwell based 56k flex, disabled, V.34 only     +MS=11,1
      Rockwell Based 56k V.90                          AT&F&W&W1E0X4W2
      Rockwell based 56k HCF V.90                      +MS=v90
      Rockwell based 56k HCF 56kflex                   +MS=k56flex
      Rockwell based 56k HCF 33.6 mode                 +MS=v34
      Rockwell Based 56k HCF V.90                      AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2W0
      Rockwell Based 56k HCF V.90                      AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2W0

Now after a string is added for example,
say... the first model on the list.... to enable flex, "+MS=12,1" now add to the end of that string s10=125.  This will help keep you online.  Now, try dialing up to the net and see if you get disconnected again.  Find out your modem model and init strings and try to connect.  Hope this helps you.
lieboAuthor Commented:
caused my pc to crash
lieboAuthor Commented:
Not sure I have taken the alladvantage viewbar off and seems to be doing better
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