I am interested in the various commands and responses used in FTP. I've started writing an FTP client, but I don't want to go to far before I learn what responses are possible. For example, when you first connect, the server responds with "220 ...". What else could it respond with?

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check out www.vbip.com  they give full source code for an ftp client
What you're looking for is a RFC - a Request for Comments. These are documents that contain details on the implementation of current or proposed internet standards. The one you're looking for can be found at:
This contains a full list of all valid server replies, as well as a _large_ amount of documentation on the protocol itself, etc.
Look at:
Make a search for FTP. You will find a lot of code snippests for FTP with FTP commands and replies explained.
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Hi KDivad,

I've done a lot of work about the topic. I'm a creator of vbip.com. Take a look at the FTP Quick Refernce (http://www.vbip.com/winsock/winsock_ftp_ref_01.htm). You will found out there all the FTP commands and possible reply codes. Also take a look at the FTP Client example built with the MS Winsock Control (http://www.vbip.com/winsock/winsock_ftp_client_01.asp) and the "Secrets of FTP" article (http://www.vbip.com/winsock/winsock_ftp_01.asp).

Good luck and welcome to http://www.vbip.com
KDivadAuthor Commented:
Sorry gelog,
Link #1 is little more than a rewrite of the link posted by Arachn1d.
Link #2 was already suggested by Azrasound. (Sort of... he/she pointed me to the main site and mentioned the existence of the app)
Link #3 I've already seen. It wasn't much help at all.
You've got a good answer, I just can't accept it.
KDivadAuthor Commented:
I've gotten several posts with good listings of the codes or source using the codes. Thanks everyone! However, AzraSound posted first.

AzraSound, I've graded with a "B" since I had to search the site for what I wanted.

Thanks again!

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