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Incoming phone call

I use a Dial-up account with our Internet Service Provider to surf the Internet.  My home has only one phone line.  We have to use that line to receive phone calls from neighbors and to surf the net.  So whenever I surf the Internet, my neighbors, who when try to contact me through phone finds the line busy (engaged).  Now the problem is how do I make my modem to disconnect the line (i.e stop surfing the net) and enable me to receive the incoming phone call.  Are there any settings in modem’s property panel, or are there any alterations to be done in the wiring method of my phone and modem, or is there any software available for that?

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There are services offered by many phone/ISP companies that allow you to see calls coming in while you are on the internet and give you the option to anser, ignore, or redirect to voicemail. Internet Call Director is one they have in Canada. This is a service usually offered by your local telco or ISP. They would be the ones to check with.

I believe that if you have call waiting, and it is enabled in Control Panel/modems/properties then any incoming calls will kick you off the internet and you can answer the phone.  Or you can buy software as Grunt has suggested.
If you have a decent modem, and call waiting on the line, even tho the caller hears many rings, your modem will only hear one quick beep for the first ring, and one quick beep around the 3rd or 4th ring. Any ring after that no beep is heard. Just as if you were on the phone. Your modem hears what you hear.

As the better modems came out, they would not disconnect from the call waiting beep as the older crappy modems did. Some will if you call 4 or 5 times, but remember, if it rings more then 4 times no more beeps are heard. So call 5 times ringing it 4 or 5 times each and MAYBE 2 out of 5 it will disconnect you.

Basicaly you can do the following:

1) Install a real cheap modem that will knock you offline at the slightest bit of static, for no reason at all, or when the call waiting beeps. (You will get agrivated quickly with it)

2) Get a second phone line (Recomended)

3) WebTV or some other ISP service that offers this kind of ability and will do what you want exactly. (Personaly I do not like WebTV)

Thats it, all you can do.

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There are some situations available.

1. The callers get a busy tone. In this case there is nithing you can do.  The busy tone is returned from the exchange.

2. If you have a call fowarding service, you can forward the call to your mailbox or cellular.  

Your modem is not designed to disconnect you unless you tell it to.

I have recently got an "internet answering machine that takes my messages while I am online then plays them back to me within seconds of getting the message.  I love it.

To find out about it go to www.callwave.com

there is a charge, not by Callwave but by your phone company.  mine costs 40 cents a month.  well worth that.

hope that helps out
I Love it....

Yarananan's questions was, "How to make his modem disconnect when he is signed on"

Dave... did you answer his question?

Whats makes you think your answer is the correct one, and why would your answer be the correct one when there are comments above that more then answer why he CANNOT do what he is asking, and most importantly WHY he cannot do this?

Sorry if my answer does not help you, but I hope it helps narayanan_d  with his problem.
to reiterate my answer:
The modem is not designed to disconnect unless you tell it to by clicking on disconnect or sign off, etc.  So the best way to take care of your question is to get a new phone line or get an internet answering machine.

Again I hope this helps you narayanan_d

The point is, you said nothing different then what has already been said above. Whats makes what you said valid to post as an answer?

Here on EE we post to answers in the form of a comment for a number of reasons. Maybe your new here so "Welcome Aboard" (I went through the same thing when I got here)

1) There may be more then one answer to a question.

2) When an answer is posted to a comment (and it is not the correct answer) the question then falls into a different catagory and other Experts do not bother to look at it and give it any attention wether it be the RIGHT answer then posted, or more comments and explainations that would help the person that answered the question.

Please change your proposed answer to a comment, as it is not "original" in its content, and does not answer the question stated above. It is now up to the person who asked the question to choose what best solved his problem, or applied to his problem, and which comment he likes best.
dbuck1976 changed the proposed answer to a comment
>>The modem is not designed to disconnect unless you tell it to by
>>clicking on disconnect or sign off, etc

Friend Dbuck: what you've said is not always true; 'cause it depends on the modem model. Old modems (no much more than 2 or 3 years ago) hung up the line because the beeps of the incoming call were enough to be seen as "disturbing noise", forcing modem to loose carrier signal and to hang up.

Just only in the case your modem is enabled to handle incoming calls, then, yes, you can instruct modem about how to react when a call comes once a link is already established.
"Are there any settings in modem’s property panel, (NO)  or are there any alterations to be done in the wiring method of my phone and modem, (NO again) or is there any software available for that?" (There are several companies that offer ways to let you recieve your calls, usally by either letting you see who is calling (means you must have caller ID and caller fowarding) or lets your caller leave a voice message which you can then listen to and accept the call or return it later. These all cost you monthly charges and are not 100% reliable, you usally have to let your callers know they need to let the phone ring 15 to 20 times to give you time to see and react to the call.

Personally I chose the second line myself
This is the clear cut answer.  It may not be what you want to hear but it is the truth.

You can order call waiting.  There is a good chance that this will knock you offline when a call comes in but it is not a guarantee.  Call waiting was not designed to knock people off the internet, it was created so people would know when they were recieving another call.  It is just luck that the tone it creates causes (in most cases) enough disruption in your line to disconnect you.

This leaves you with 3 options.

1) Order a second phone line for the internet.

2) Get a Cahle modem or DSL installed.  This will give you your phone line back and let you surf like never before.

3) Download an online messaging service program.
You will have to order call forwarding from your local phone company.  When a call comes in your phone company forwards it to an 800 number and they record the incoming message and send it to you via the internet.

One such company is

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