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I'm developing a control that contains the Internet Explorer.  This controls updates the explorer from time to time with a file locally located on the disk.
So I put the OffLine property of the IE to True, but after reopening the project, the property hasn't been saved, so it's put to False again, and I'm having trouble again.  Putting it Offline at run time doesn't seem to help.

Can anyone help me please?
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gelogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've disconnected and tested your case right now (using Navigate method with local path) and never got an error. The local page is available to the WebBrowser control in any mode. What kind of error you got?
Hi guntherds,

Don't use the Offline property of the WebBrowser Control. It doesn't work. You can use WinInet API to do it. Download my CWinInetConnection class from This class allows you to detect the Internet connection and its properties, establish and hang up the connection, switch the system state known as Online/Offline mode.

Good luck and welcome to
guntherdsAuthor Commented:
but how can I use this with the IE control, my control is never going on the internet, it just updates an HTML file that some other component/application is updating.

Please help me further, you will get the points.
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guntherdsAuthor Commented:
see above comment
If it is clear to me, you want to be able to set Offline/Online mode for the instance of the WebBrowser control. It is impossible by design, but you can change this mode for a whole system. My class allows you to do it. And it is not clear to me why you want to set Offline mode for your task.

To set Offline mode in your application put the following code to the Form_Load event procedure (you can choose another location for the code):

Private Sub Form_Load ()

Dim oConnection As CWinInetConnection

Set oConnection = New CWinInetConnection

'now your WebBrowser control works in Offline mode
Set oConnection = Nothing

End Sub
guntherdsAuthor Commented:
I'm willing to use the Offline/onLine property just because the system (it's even a POS system) is never going on the internet, it just has to show an HTML file (locally on the disk, or network).  So I thought to set the OffLine property on True
If I leave it on false, it given the error page .  
Or is it possible that I'm doing something wrong?  I'm passing the follwing string "D:\Temp\POSTransactionLine.HTM" to the Navigate method.

just posting a comment to see if i can figure out what hes trying to do as well
guntherdsAuthor Commented:
I've tested your solution, works well
But i've found a more simple one, put the url to about:blank at the start and everything works well

Thanks for helping me
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