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Another problem with the Explorer shell and some DLL files..:(

After reinstalling IE 5, occasionally, I will get a message that "Explorer.exe has encountered an illegal operation".
I've also run sfc.exe, updated file info and restored some files. I couldn't restore BrowseUI.dll and mshtmled.dll.

I reinstalled Win 98 before reinstalling IE 5, and I'm wondering if I should restore IE 4. If I have to do that, though, I'll also have to restore Direct X 7.0a. (I tried reinstalling IE 5 just before I got these messages.) Also, where are the two dll's located in my system? I backed up my IE 5 installation on a Zip disk, and it's on my HD.

Here are the faultlog and Dr. Watson error messages:

Date 04/11/2000 Time 13:33
EXPLORER caused an exception 6d007fH in module WEBCHECK.DLL at 015f:78b32599.
EAX=005ffdf0 CS=015f EIP=78b32599 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00000000 SS=0167 ESP=005ffdb8 EBP=005ffde8
ECX=c9e5f660 DS=0167 ESI=78b57700 FS=384f
EDX=817276f8 ES=0167 EDI=70290000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 5d f8 e9 4f f0 ff ff 83 65 fc 00 8d 4d dc 51
Stack dump:
005f0000 00000001 005ffe80 00000024 78b57700 78b5a668 78b32330 00000001 78b57ec8 70290000 00000000 0000007f 005ffe24 78b32316 005ffdc4 78b5a668

Web Site Monitor used an uninitialized variable, attempted to access memory or a DLL that has been freed, or encountered some other nonspecific error.

Description: Web Site Monitor
Version: 4.72.3110.0
Product: Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating System
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

Application Name: Explorer.exe
Description: Windows Explorer
Version: 4.72.3110.1
Product: Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating System
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

Because of this, I'm now back to using Program Manager. :( IE 5 runs OK here though...

If you want more details, please contact me here, and I will e-mail to you the complete Dr. Watson log file ASAP.


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1 Solution
This issue can occur if your Webcheck.dll file is not the version included with Internet Explorer 5. For example, this issue can occur if your Webcheck.dll file is from Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 (version 4.72.3110.0).
To resolve this issue, reinstall Internet Explorer 5.
If you run the Internet Explorer 5 Repair option while you are experiencing the symptoms noted above, the following error message occurs:
   Internet Explorer could not be repaired. Please run Setup again to reinstall all components.
If you click Details, the following error message occurs:
   Internet Explorer 5 cannot be repaired due to the following errors:
   Version <x.xx.xxxx.xxxx> of file Webcheck.dll exists, but the version
   needs to be greater than 5.0.<yyyy.yyyy>.
alsdo, do you have cleansweep installed?
grater120898Author Commented:
What is cleansweep? I've never heard of that...please tell me.

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Norton CleanSweep is a part of the Symantec utility suite known as SystemWorks. As a part of the its feature set, CleanSweep will notify the user when duplicate copies of files exist, and offer to resolve the duplicate condition by deleting
the additional file. CleanSweep does not automatically perform this operation.

check out www.symantec.com

here's what can happen regarding the errors you are getting if you have this program installed.

When you restart your computer after you install Quarterdeck CleanSweep 95
version 3.04 or earlier, you may experience either of the following symptoms:
 - You may receive the following error message:
   This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
   If you then click Details, you may see the following information:
   Explorer caused an exception 6d007fH in module Webcheck.dll at <memory
 - If you do not receive this error message, your computer may start, but it may display a gray-colored desktop. Note that when you start to install Quarterdeck CleanSweep 95 version 3.04 or earlier, you may receive the
   following message:
   This program may not run correctly on Windows 98 because of enhanced
   operating system features.
   If you then click Details, you may receive a message stating that the
   installation will replace some vital system files and may cause Windows 98
   and other programs to work improperly. It then lists the files that will be overwritten, and then recommends you backup these files and restore them after the installation is finished.
This issue can occur because when you install CleanSweep 95 version 3.04 or
earlier, the following system files are overwritten with older versions:
   - Advapi32.dll
   - Mfc40.dll
   - Mfc42.dll
   - Msvcrt.dll
   - Msvcrt40.dll
   - Olepro32.dll
   - Urlmon.dll
   - Wininet.dll
To resolve this issue, upgrade to CleanSweep version 4.02 or later.
To work around this issue, use System File Checker to extract these files. For
information about how to do so, see the following articles in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:
grater120898Author Commented:
I don't have that or any Norton software installed at all on my PC, but this is what I did instead:

I restored IE 4, and after doing that, reinstalled IE 5. I suppose the first install of the Juno version left out some essential files, which were restored after I grabbed some components from Microsoft, and then did the reinstall.

Now Explorer.exe no longer crashes, and neither do my 3d games. (Besides, getting disconnected because of Explorer.exe crashing while playing Quake III online bites. :))

glad I could help!

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