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I downloaded a custom tag from Allaire's gallery.  I got the tag to work but it came with these VTM files and I can't find any info on them... I was told that they add buttons for that tag to studio... if so how if not what do they do.

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Nathan Stanford SrConnect With a Mentor Senior ProgrammerCommented:
In your ColdFusion Studio Directory under Program Files


This is the directory you put it in and then It will be found when you go to new file and pick the tab that you placed it in.  These tags are for STUDIO not for CF SERVER.
it is my understanding that vtm files are basically custom tags.  They should be stored in the custom tag dir on the cf server.
cheekycjAuthor Commented:
If I put them in the custom tag directory, they will automatically be identifyable??

But the tag had cfm files that worked too so what does the vtm files provide?
cheekycjAuthor Commented:
Thanx... sorry it took me so long to grade this.
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