Exchange 5.5 and LDAP

I have been reading that LDAP 3 in Exchange 5.5 can be used to write back to the directory in Exchage.
The programmers have asked me if this is possible using php3 or similar script from a web browser they say they can read the information fron exchange but not write back to exchange can you write inforamtion back to exchange using LDAP if so how?
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Neo_mvpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you take any of the links from the samples section.  Many of those provide enough code snippets to get a feel for it.  Outside of that, the only other place that I know that supplies code snippets is

Thanks for the link to php3.
ADSI is the ticket you are looking for.  Start with to find links to samples and discussions about the subject.

By the way, what is php3?
dandanAuthor Commented:
for what php3 is see it is basically a scripting lang.

Thanks for the link but they let you see the app but not the code any code examples around?
dandanAuthor Commented:
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