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I'm currently running Win98.  I just bought Red Hat Linux 6.2.  I created a partition with Partition Magic 4.0 to install Linux but there was a problem and it had to do with how PM made the partiton.  Next I'm going to try using Disk Druid.  I'm a newbie to the Linux environment and have no idea where to start.  All I know is that I reboot with the start-up disk and choose custim install.  During the custom install I would choose to use Disk Druid.  I need somebody to give specific steps on how to use the Disk Druid utility to make the partition and install Linux.  Then I need to know the steps on what I need to do to at each boot up on how I choose on whether loading Win98 or Linux.  Thx to anybody who replies.

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andrewljohn70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot to win98 and then view the contents of your CDrom drive with the RH6.2 CD in place. You may see a file called autoboot.bat. shutdown your win98 and restart in MSDOS mode. run the autoboot.bat file. This file will start the booting process of linux.
As far as I know the installation of RH6.2 is graphical unless specified by the installer.
You go through the basic steps of installation till you reach a stage where you are asked for the various partitions and mountpoints.
This is important. if you are using a harddisk with win98 on the other partition - this will show as a DOS partion - please do not touch this or delete or edit it.
The ideal way is to start with the swap partition before adding any other linux partitions. to assign the swap space double your physical ram and put that figure. This will ensure that if you double your ram in future you would not have problems. Then you can just do a rough calculation as to the disk space which is left - take the higher figures and reduce by 1 or 2 MB so that you can grab the Maximum space and not loose out on precious disk space. If the space allocated for the native linux partition is too much it will not be allocated and you would have to loop through it many times till you get the right space in MBs. This is the essence - no matter which utility you use. you have to assign a SWAP area in linux.
The next step would be to install LILO - Please INSTALL LILO on the MBR so that it takes control when your machine boots. Here you can also choose the DEFAULT OS to boot from - if you use DOS/WIN98 more choose that as default other wise use Linux.
After this it is almost smooth sailing unless you are tuning into a network. What I assume is that you are working on it at home on a stand alone. Any  way all the best and keep it up!

   First ,
   1) Boot with the WIN98 partition. If it is partitioned already , then goto step #4
   2) Run the utility call defragment ( which will move the relocatable FAT
   clusters - making life easier for PM and like tools  ) and reboot the computer
   3) Boot with the dos bootable disk and Run PM  and make the partitions.
    ( look into the man pages and technical doc. of PM - very descriptive )
   4) Boot with Linux Bootable Disk/floppy and installation use disk druid / fdisk  to  create a linux partitions on it.  ( custom installations and disk druid
   will have some help keys which will give you good information on how to
proceed on that.
   5) At the end of installation, before the lilo is been written onto the disk
 It asks whether to update lilo with the OS in the non-linux partition.

Or after ur setup is complete boot with linux and update the /etc/lilo.conf
with label, root, etc ( see the man pages of lilo ) and run /sbin/lilo and reboot.

I hope this will help you

You need to make 2 partitions minimum to install linux. root and swap.For RH6.2 root should be at least 1.5-2.0 gig to install everything. Swap equil to amount of mem you have or more.

Make them with patition magic! Disk druid can mess up your master boot record.

Start your install. Select disk druid.
Find the partition you made.Select edit.
Put / where it says mount point.Select ok or done.Tab and arrow keys get you around.

Also select custom install unless you want your master boot record overwritten!!! Select put lilo in first section of boot partition.

If you then install the ibm boot manager from partition magic you can select what you want to boot. Must be in first gig or two of first hard drive.

I suggest doing things this way to keep things separated until you learn more.

Also if something happens and you can't boot win98. Boot a boot disk and type fdisk/mbr
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